Saturday, 30 June 2012

30/6/12 Running

I am now officially in training for the Race for Life, which I am due to participate in on 10th July, giving me just ten days to get myself in peak condition.

I am training by doing cardiovascular running exercises, jogging, walking and importantly making sure I look after my muscles and ligaments by properly warming up and stretching to cool down.

Bubbles is unsure what all the fuss is about and today, looked at me in astonishment when I arrived back from my run, dripping with sweat. Grooming herself on her activity centre, she looked at me with curiosity and a vague hint of disapproval. "Cats do not have such disgusting habits as sweating everywhere" she was obviously thinking, whilst carefully grooming each paw in turn.

Hopefully, by the time the run comes round I will be in slightly better condition!


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