Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December 2014 Christmas Cat

Happy New Year & huge apologies to our readers for not having written sooner! My writing has been resting while I've been suffering with a spot of ill health. All hopefully ok now, so normal writing will hopefully be resumed!

Bubbles has been THE MOST AMAZING company while I have been poorly. She has lain on my bed with me, curled up beside me on the settee & provided constant entertainment every day with all her antics & constant companionship. She is a truly special cat

As the year draws to a close, I feel compelled to write a brief summary of 2014; firstly from my own perspective, then from the perspective of my lovely Bubbles cat

MY 2014 
January: Rain, rain & more rain (also my birthday, but mainly rain)
February: Lovely short holiday to Llanfairfechan (I can spell this now without needing to look but I'm not sure I will ever be able to pronounce it)
March: Lots of wedding planning with my Other Half
April: An exciting Easter trip to London with Mum with pretty amazing weather
May: The hot weather got hotter
June: The hot weather continued
July: The amazingly hot weather meant a beautiful weekend camping in Wales, basking in the best July weather we have had for years, swimming in the sea (where I just missed getting stung by a jellyfish swimming straight past my face), helping my friend with her wedding preparations & enjoying a glorious day as bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding
August: Holiday to Majorca (where I actually did get stung by a jellyfish!)
September: More wedding preparations & the start of Autumn
October: House painting with my Other Half
November: Being ill all month
December: Still being ill. Enjoying spending a quiet Christmas with my Other Half, my Mum & my lovely Bubbles


January: Rain rain & more rain. No going outside
February: An exciting holiday to Wales. I went in the car in my travel cage. The house we went to was BIG. I could see the sea. I liked the wooden giraffes. I didn't break anything but I was naughty & wouldn't let Mummy & Daddy catch me for going home time!
March: Lots of sleeping & looking forward to the Spring
April: Warm weather & lots of fun in the garden
May: Chasing sticks
June: Chasing sticks outside EVERY DAY
July: Feeling hot! Being sent for a little holiday at the cattery. I'm not allowed to go camping
August: At the cattery again! I had a lovely time
September: Catching daddy long legs in the garden. Well, trying to. They are so buzzy & quick
October: At the cattery again. When I got home all the doors smelt funny. I had to rub my head on them EXTRA hard to make them smell of me again
November: Looking after poorly Mummy. Lots of cat cuddles for her every day
December: Looking after Mummy then eating LOTS of turkey


I hope all of our readers have had a happy & prosperous 2014 & a wonderful, happy, safe & peaceful Christmas. We wish you a very Happy New Year

See you in 2015

Sunday, 26 October 2014

August 2014 It's a Dog's Life

Now, who would have thought that a cat would want to be, well, like a dog? Cats and dogs are SUPPOSED to be arch enemies! But our lovely Bubbles seems to have some very dog like traits....

Firstly, she follows us around the house, she wants to be near us, wherever we are, she is happy as long as she is there too.

Also, she begs! Not the kind of obvious sit up on her hind legs, front paws waving in the air, making whining sounds type begging. No, that would be much too undignified for a cat! She likes to sit just in front of us, a little bit to the side, shifting her weight ever so slightly from side to side, as if shuffling in excited anticipation. When she gets a bit too excited at the prospect of butter.... or custard.... or rice pudding.... (dairy delights are definitely her favourite), she gives a quick flick of her paw to let out some of her excitement or rather, to remind us that she is sitting there, waiting!

She also loves riding in the car. When we go on holiday she gets into her travelling cage on the back seat, then sits up straight, having a really good look around. She likes to raise herself slightly onto her hind legs, with one paw on the windowsill in order to have a good look where we are going. Then, she will curl up contentedly in her bed, surrounded by her cuddly cat toys & have a good sleep until we arrive, lulled by the motion of the car purring along.

But the most dog like thing she does, and I'm not even sure she realises this is rather a canine consideration, is, she just LOVES to chase sticks. We go in the garden, where Bubbles loves to pounce around & either she or one of us finds her stick. We then say "Ready!" Her eyes widen, her body crouches low, rear end wiggling ready to POUNCE! The stick sails through the air, followed by an agile cat, who catches it in her front paws, then rolls over onto the grass "wrestling" her beloved stick! She then gets up, gets into position, gets ready to play again....

Sunday, 24 August 2014

July 2014 Birthday Girl

Bubbles' birthday dawned on probably the hottest day of the year. We awoke early, raced downstairs and I frantically started wrapping a present. Bubbles was soooooooooooo excited! She loves to help wrap things up. Usually, she sits on the table in front of me, actually on top of the wrapping paper as if to say "Wrap me! It will be fun!" Occasionally she likes to reach out a tentative paw to tap the paper, then tap it again.... and again.... and again! Her ears go up and forward as she loves to feel the sensation of the paper rustling under her paw when she pushes a flap down and it bounces back up! "Who needs cat toys?" thinks Bubbles, "when paper is THIS much fun!"

Alas, to her bewilderment on this hot and sticky Saturday morning, I picked her up swiftly from her seat on top of the wrapping paper and popped her onto the floor. Now, Bubbles decided this really would not do and leapt up onto my knee to see whether this was a better position from which to help my wrapping efforts.

Unbeknown to her, the large and awkward pressie I was hastily wrapping was actually a wedding present, to be given to my friend who was getting married that very day! When my friend had originally announced her wedding date to me I immediately exclaimed delightedly "Bubbles' birthday!" To which my friend stiffly suggested that I would need to celebrate with Bubbles the next day, as I would be too busy performing bridesmaid duties for her. The reason for my hasty wrapping was, of course, my friend's wedding gift and the need to get round to her house ASAP to help with the pre-ceremony getting ready procedure.

Bubbles was given a quick fuss and some treats then the following day, to her delight, she was presented with several carefully wrapped parcels - complete with Hello Kitty wrapping paper (well, she IS a cat so would surely appreciate it!) She was soon busy unwrapping treats, chew sticks and a special little packet of soft catnip mice - complete with tickly feather tails.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

June 2014 Thunder Cats

It is a common misconception that all animals are afraid of storms. Yes, it is true that physically, they are able to sense a storm approaching. This is due to the drop from high air pressure to low that animals can feel as the weather changes from fine to stormy. As cats' ears are so sensitive, this must be quite painful. Cats will often rub at their ears as a storm approaches.

Some cats feel unsettled and nervous during these physiological changes and then, as the thunder and lightening starts, this will heighten their fear. Bubbles, however, is not one bit bothered....

This morning, I awoke early at about 6 a.m. The house and outside world seemed to be in silence. I slept and re-awoke at 7.30 (something had made me jump awake!) The rain was hammering onto the ground and rumbles of thunder were reverberating around. I instantly looked to see if Bubbles was ok. She was lazily stretched out on the bed by my feet, head up slightly, listening and yawning! Soooooooooooo laid back!

I must have dozed off for a bit longer as the next time I woke up, Bubbles was lying next to me on the bed. Well, when I say NEXT to me, she was actually a good few inches higher up than me; peering down at my sleepy face. I opened my eyes to see her perched high up on top of the humpy shape of my other half; still fast asleep in bed! Bubbles had climbed up on top of her "mountain" and was all snuggled up cosily, protecting us from the storm.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 2014 Pigeon Pandemonium

A couple of weeks ago, one evening, while I was hanging out the washing in the back garden, Bubbles was unusually quiet, sitting on the patio. She was lying on her front, facing up the side of the garden shed. There is a gap between the shed and the garden fence, where we have put up some trellis fencing. Bubbles was lying very still, concentrating on something, tail twitching, looking through, carefully watching.

I went to have a look, out of curiosity, at what Bubbles was so fascinated by. I got a big surprise when I looked through the trellis to see a beady black eye looking back at me! A young pigeon was sitting on the gravel in the narrow area between shed and fence, apparently unhurt and unperturbed by its predicament and the fact a large, black, yellow eyed cat was watching it! Bubbles, in fact, was just curious about the pigeon. She clearly wasn't going to hurt it because if she had wanted to capture the bird, she would have been through that trellis in a flash. She was just happily watching the mysterious winged creature that had made its way into our garden and was now sitting, bobbing prettily behind the fence.

Later that evening, we kept checking on the pigeon. It was still there so we decided to take the trellis down and encourage it out into the garden so it could eat, drink and fly off when it was ready. It occurred to us that having either fallen down the side of the shed or having possibly jumped down, it might not have enough room to flap its wings ready to fly off again.

We put a little dish of water outside, in case it was unwell or had been in shock and needed a little refreshment to get going again. My other half tried to gently encourage it out of the gap and the pigeon immediately marched past, knocked over its water in the process and marched purposefully down the garden! All evening it sat on the lawn, occasionally running up and down the garden, flapping its wings ready for take off. It seemed unable to leave the ground, however, both its wings looked undamaged and the pigeon seemed healthy. It was quite probable that it had been sitting by the shed for a while and might just need to regain its strength through food and water. There was plenty of food (worms) and water for the pigeon to access in the garden and we felt it had a safe chance of spending a few hours resting, recharging and refuelling; ready to be on its way.

The following morning I glanced outside. There was the pigeon, sitting right in the middle of the lawn, bobbing its head excitedly. I looked again a few minutes later.... only to see an ENORMOUS brown cat sitting a foot away from the innocent fowl. I shrieked - (my response to most crises) and banged furiously on the window. The cat started in shock, lunged at the pigeon which ran (extraordinarily fast), wings a-flapping, down the garden; chased by the furry feline. There seemed to be a slight scuffle by the fence. I banged loudly on the window, the cat looked round and the bird seized its chance and flew off - over the fence to freedom! I banged again and the brown cat raced across the lawn and legged it over the neighbour's fence. It was clearly unimpressed that its deliciously anticipated feather breakfast had escaped.

I was still staring in shock out of the window, having not been able to quite believe my eyes. Bubbles, unaware of the pandemonium that had just occurred, sauntered into the room for treats and a fuss, cocked her head enquiringly at me, "Miaow"ed and jumped up onto the bed, purring loudly.

April 2014 April Sunshine

Easter was very late this year, which also meant beautiful, spring weather. I have excelled myself in the garden and actually managed to plant some hanging baskets. The baskets are really funky, in a half moon shape with rustic metal birds on the arched frames they hang by; creating the effect of a background bird cage. We then raided the sale rack at B&Q for some squashed pansies and a lonely geranium, as well as sweet peas and some other flowers I cannot pronounce!

I spuddled in the garden, making a muddy mess on the patio, assisted by Bubbles, who kept sniffing the plants and rubbing against me, the new hanging baskets and the compost bag! We eventually sat back on our haunches, feeling satisfied at the horticultural creation we had made.

Bubbles became skittish at the sight of the baskets being lifted into the air and attached to the fence and walls. She raced inside, to peer out from the safety of the lounge windowsill. After everything was safely installed, she ventured out and proceeded to pad up the garden, staring in awe at our wonderful creations:

 (ok, so ours are not quite like this!)

March 2014 March Mischief

March has been an interesting month. The weather was generally mild with some lovely sunshine, a few torrential downpours and some chilly frosts.

It hasn't really been outside weather and Bubbles has been busy making friends with a spider in the skirting board of the lounge.

The spider revealed itself one evening when I was standing in the middle of the room, talking to Bubbles, who was drinking from her water bowl. She suddenly stopped and sat very still; with just the tip of her tail twitching in repressed excitement. I stupidly said "What? Is it a spider?" As she often becomes statuesque when arachnid spotting.

Bubbles ignored me but the tail twitching became more frantic and suddenly.... two spindly legs poked out from a hole in the skirting board. I, of course, shrieked and leapt backwards several feet! Bubbles "miaow"ed very loudly and the spider yanked its legs back in and disappeared into the wall.

Exactly one week later, on another Tuesday evening, Bubbles and I were both in the lounge having a conversation by the water bowl, when I noticed a flickering movement from the skirting board and two skinny, tentative legs poked out. I think the spider just wanted to come out to be sociable and join in with our conversation! I, however, jumped backwards again and frightened the spider away.

Monday, 14 April 2014

February 2014 Holiday Havoc!

We decided to brave the decidedly dodgy weather and ventured forth on our intrepid adventure to North Wales. We had found, on the internet, an old stone cottage at a very reasonable price (most probably due to us being the only people crazy enough to brave the weather.)

The week leading up to our trip was horrendous; weather wise. However, the day we were due to travel dawned bright, sunny and calm. We packed (i.e. I shoved TONS of clothes into the suitcase, then sat on it), bundled Bubbles into the car, made sure the sandwiches were easily retrievable (ok, well maybe I just needed to see them to make sure we had remembered to pack them.... ok, well, REALLY, maybe I just wanted to have them to hand so we could start them straight away) then we set off!

The journey was pleasant and the moment, when you first glimpse the sea was just as exciting as ever. I will never tire of that feeling and it always brings a big smile to my face.

We arrived and the cottage was. just. STUNNING! It was an upside down layout with a gorgeous, modern, open plan living area above and amazing views of the Menai Straits; not to mention the two enormous skylights that enabled views of the mountain hillside directly behind, piercing blue sky and fluffy white clouds scudding past above. The downstairs contained a large stone floor foyer with a modern shower room to the front and a beautiful bedroom either side (both, I hasten to add, with stunning views of the estuary.) Now please excuse me if I sound a bit like an estate agent here, I just really want to describe in detail how beautiful the house was. The bedrooms, with antique beds, mirrors and desks were like something out of a Jane Austen novel. I had taken my writing with me and sitting both at the kitchen table above, with views out onto the Menai Straits from one window and a mountain hillside from the other; or sitting below in the bedroom watching a robin sitting on the old stone wall in the lane, with the setting sun glinting on the sea beyond the fields in front of the cottage, inspired me so much. We could have stayed forever!

Llanfairfechan with snow on the mountains beyond

View of the Menai Straits:

Views of the sea:

Views from the lane:

Bubbles had a great time too. She befriended some large wooden giraffes sitting on the shelf of the stairs and we often came up the stairs and caught her sitting smartly beside them. There were three in a row: big, medium and small, then there was a big, furry black cat!

Bubbles also liked the furniture at the cottage. They had a lovely old Chesterfield suite. The sort with wide, rounded arms; perfect for a pussy cat to perch on. Bubbles made herself comfy straight away in her "flying position" astride the arm of the big settee, ready to settle in for a film!

Bubbles in prime viewing position:

Sleepy cat:

We made the most of the idyllic, calm weather and walked the 3/4 mile or so down to the beach the following day. The little village of Llanfairfechan was pretty and charming but a steep climb on the way back up from the beach! I think we took the short route there and the long way back, or, it might just have been harder uphill!

The cottage at night:

Sunday, 23 February 2014

23/2/14 January Floods

We have been very lucky in our area, not to have been affected by the floods which have caused devastation and despair in so many areas of the UK this January and February. I cannot begin to imagine the chaos and terror caused by rising flood waters and knowing evacuation is inevitable.

Praise goes out to the many rescue workers involved; who not only help humans but help keep their pet animals safe also. It is thought so far:

"the RSPCA have received over 1000 calls from people worried about their pets or reporting animals in trouble.

Among the pets rescued was a hibernating tortoise, a rabbit in its hutch whose owners were away and two adult sheepdog and their six puppies.

Officers have also moved horses and 30 chickens from a flooded pen and transported 40 koi carp."

( (14/2/14).

Bubbles has been able to watch the violent weather from the safety of the windowsill and has been unaffected by it, other than by the wind which always makes her wild and skittish!

She has been avoiding the garden, as she HATES the wind blowing at her and does not like to set foot outside in the wind or rain!