Sunday, 24 August 2014

July 2014 Birthday Girl

Bubbles' birthday dawned on probably the hottest day of the year. We awoke early, raced downstairs and I frantically started wrapping a present. Bubbles was soooooooooooo excited! She loves to help wrap things up. Usually, she sits on the table in front of me, actually on top of the wrapping paper as if to say "Wrap me! It will be fun!" Occasionally she likes to reach out a tentative paw to tap the paper, then tap it again.... and again.... and again! Her ears go up and forward as she loves to feel the sensation of the paper rustling under her paw when she pushes a flap down and it bounces back up! "Who needs cat toys?" thinks Bubbles, "when paper is THIS much fun!"

Alas, to her bewilderment on this hot and sticky Saturday morning, I picked her up swiftly from her seat on top of the wrapping paper and popped her onto the floor. Now, Bubbles decided this really would not do and leapt up onto my knee to see whether this was a better position from which to help my wrapping efforts.

Unbeknown to her, the large and awkward pressie I was hastily wrapping was actually a wedding present, to be given to my friend who was getting married that very day! When my friend had originally announced her wedding date to me I immediately exclaimed delightedly "Bubbles' birthday!" To which my friend stiffly suggested that I would need to celebrate with Bubbles the next day, as I would be too busy performing bridesmaid duties for her. The reason for my hasty wrapping was, of course, my friend's wedding gift and the need to get round to her house ASAP to help with the pre-ceremony getting ready procedure.

Bubbles was given a quick fuss and some treats then the following day, to her delight, she was presented with several carefully wrapped parcels - complete with Hello Kitty wrapping paper (well, she IS a cat so would surely appreciate it!) She was soon busy unwrapping treats, chew sticks and a special little packet of soft catnip mice - complete with tickly feather tails.