Sunday, 26 October 2014

August 2014 It's a Dog's Life

Now, who would have thought that a cat would want to be, well, like a dog? Cats and dogs are SUPPOSED to be arch enemies! But our lovely Bubbles seems to have some very dog like traits....

Firstly, she follows us around the house, she wants to be near us, wherever we are, she is happy as long as she is there too.

Also, she begs! Not the kind of obvious sit up on her hind legs, front paws waving in the air, making whining sounds type begging. No, that would be much too undignified for a cat! She likes to sit just in front of us, a little bit to the side, shifting her weight ever so slightly from side to side, as if shuffling in excited anticipation. When she gets a bit too excited at the prospect of butter.... or custard.... or rice pudding.... (dairy delights are definitely her favourite), she gives a quick flick of her paw to let out some of her excitement or rather, to remind us that she is sitting there, waiting!

She also loves riding in the car. When we go on holiday she gets into her travelling cage on the back seat, then sits up straight, having a really good look around. She likes to raise herself slightly onto her hind legs, with one paw on the windowsill in order to have a good look where we are going. Then, she will curl up contentedly in her bed, surrounded by her cuddly cat toys & have a good sleep until we arrive, lulled by the motion of the car purring along.

But the most dog like thing she does, and I'm not even sure she realises this is rather a canine consideration, is, she just LOVES to chase sticks. We go in the garden, where Bubbles loves to pounce around & either she or one of us finds her stick. We then say "Ready!" Her eyes widen, her body crouches low, rear end wiggling ready to POUNCE! The stick sails through the air, followed by an agile cat, who catches it in her front paws, then rolls over onto the grass "wrestling" her beloved stick! She then gets up, gets into position, gets ready to play again....