Friday, 21 September 2012

31/8/12 - 1/9/12 London 2012

After our holiday to Bridlington, my Mum and I had the mad notion to whizz off to London the very next day, in order to watch the Paralympic Games at London 2012.

We felt like we had barely got off the train after our journey back from the seaside when we were on it again first thing the next morning for our trip to London

We booked into St Paul's Youth Hostel Association hostel, which was opposite St. Paul's Cathedral.

All I can say, never having set eyes on the cathedral up close before, is "WOW!" It is MAGNIFICENT!

The Paralympic Games were all we could have hoped for and more. It was a fantastic, emotive, exciting and inspiring experience. The audience created a wonderful atmosphere and we were proud to be part of it. When a Mexican wave came around, we heard a rushing / roaring sound as it approached - sounding just like a real wave forming and swirling in the sea, rising and rushing to break into a froth and foam of white water.

When Hannah Cockroft won a Gold medal for Great Britain, we all had the honour of standing to sing our British National Anthem. I felt so proud and quite choked up. It was an amazing experience.

I arrived home exhausted on the Saturday evening, to the chaos of dirty washing, unpacked suitcases and sandy beach shoes I had deposited haphazardly in the hall! Bubbles was having a great time sitting in my suitcase, curled nice and comfortably on my clean, folded clothes! When lifted out she "Miaowed" loudly in protest, then went to have a quick scratch on her scratching post (looking sideays to check what I was doing!) When I left the room, she sneakily decided the suitcase was still her seat, so this time curled up snugly on top of the closed, fabric lid, making a lovely cat shaped dip in which she could snooze contentedly!

25/8/12 - 30/8/12 Bridlington

My Mum and I have had a fantastic holiday in Bridlington. We were so lucky with the weather, as we had glorious hot sunshine on the day we chose to walk along the cliff path from Bridlington to Flamborough.The scenery was beautiful; sparkling blue sea with barely a ripple and only the odd sea-kayaker paddling calmly along (no doubt exploring the many wondrous sea caves etched out along the cliffs.)

We found secluded bays and even a tiny lifeboat station tucked away between the cliffs. It was glorious walking along, watching the golden cornfields sweeping and curving into the distance.

We also had an exciting boat trip, which took us across the bay from Bridlington harbour, along the North Beach then on to Flamborough Head, where we saw both the old and the new lighthouses. We had brilliant views of the sea caves, as well as pillars of rocks in many biazrre shapes. Some were nicknamed the Bridlington "Elephants" and one was even nicknamed "The Queen." The water was a tropical aqua green / turqouise.

On our return journey into the bay, we discovered an RAF sea rescue helicopter performing exercise manoevres in the bay. They did a fly by, especially for us!

I really enjoyed my holiday but was equally hapopy to be home; where Bubbles greeted me with her furry tail held high, lots of little excited squeaks and a showing off marathon on her scratching post, all the time checking I was watching and making a fuss of her!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

24/8/12 Packing

The bit about holidays I am not so keen on is always trying to figure out exactly what to take with me, then trying to cram it all (and more) into a bulging overfilled suitcase. Today was no exception. I seemed to have emptied the entire contents of my wardrobe out onto the bed but could not decide what to take and what to put away.

Abandoning my "mess" I went downstairs for tea, only to discover afterwards that a certain furry someone had found my mountains of clothes most intriguing; knocked a few piles over in her explorations, then settled down for a catnap on my (white) towels!

23/8/12 Pear Cider

This evening we went out for a most pleasant meal with my Dad and his girlfriend, during which I rekindled my passion for pear cider.

Realising it is on offer currenlty in most supermarkets, I decided that (for the moment anyway) it will be my favourite tipple.

On arrival back home, Bubbles was rather unimpressed to discover that we smelt of roast meats and gravy but had not thought to bring her a sample of the delicacies we had indulged in!

22/8/12 Gardening

As it hasn't rained for a few days I decided to take the opportunity to mow the lawn and sort out the weeds once more!

The lawn mowing done, I began my task of digging and hoeing between the paving slabs; digging out the mega dandelions that seem to be taking over the patio (I blame all the rain!)

Bubbles doesn't come outside whilst mowing is in force, so she looked on from the confines of the lounge, supervising the gardening goings on with a very swishy tail!

21/8/12 Reading

Today was a day well spent getting on with some of my Masters reading. I am currently reading Coetzee's Foe, an interesting adaptation of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Although, I have to admit, I find Coetzee's writing style much more readable.

Reading about tropical paradises and remote desert islands is a perfect way to while away a lazy summer's day.

Bubbles has enjoyed another relaxing day catnapping whilst I relaxed and enjoyed my reading

20/8/12 PJ Day

Today was one of those lazy days, spent fiddling around doing a bit of washing, a bit of reading but not much else.

Bubbles enjoyed lazing on her activity centre and on the bed whilst I read; waking to "help" me with my washing chores in the garden!

19/8/12 Folders

I decided today that I really ought to tidy up the mess that is my study area. My folders and papers have been in a state of disarray for quite some time, which is not ideal when I am aiming to be super organised (hmmmm not sure when that will ever quite happen!)

Anyway, it resulted in me dusting, sorting, throwing out old papers, priniting, filing, rearranging books.... until, "Voila" my study area looks exactly like that: a study area!

Bubbles was intrigued throughout most of the day's events, particularly, it has to be said, by the printing. She has an immense fascination with the printer, which I think is mainly because of the exciting clicking and whirring noises it makes, accompanied by the sudden shooting out of paper. Everytime she hears the printer begin its sequence of clicks and whirs she comes in to have a look at the printed piece as it shoots out of the machine. I think, in her own way, possibly inspecting my work!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

18/8/12 Rest & Relaxation

Today is Saturday! My other half and I have planned a weekend of rest and relaxation.

The weather was typically British! Therefore, we abandoned any ideas of going outside, having a berbecue or trying to do anything "summery."

Instead, the three of us settled down to a good old film fest.

Bubbles loves it when we all chill out together, especially when she is in charge of the remote control! "Hmmm now what shall we watch?"

I just know she will choose her favourite RSPB documentary on birds!

17/8/12 The Hairbrush

This morning, after breakfast Bubbles and I were sitting in the lounge together, relaxing contentedly, when I decided it was an ideal opportunity to brush her.

Bubbles loves being brushed but sometimes gets very silly about it! This morning was no exception.

I got out Bubbles's brush and comb, which she noticed immediately. Ears up, she jumped off her activity centre, trotted across the room and jumped up onto the settee next to me ready to be brushed. Soon, she was standing on my knee, head held high whilst I brushed her carefully but firmly.

Bubbles is very good at expressing her emotions. Her face rubbing again and again on the brush told me she was enjoying the experience, then a sudden twitch of the tail, a narrowing of the eyes and a slight stiffening of her body posture told me she had ENOUGH!

I quickly withdrew the brush! Not quickly enough for suddenly Bubbles lurched forward, taking in a mouthful of soft bristles as she bit at the brush! Soft or not, I am sure they did not taste very nice as Bubbles sat up straight, pulling a face as if to say "Eugh yuk!"

16/8/12 A Very Blustery Day Outside

 To quote from A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, today has been "A very blustery day outside" indeed.

For me, a perfect drying day....

For Bubbles, a perfect prowling day....

But I'm not sure Eeyore would agree:

15/8/12 Sore Feet & Exhaustion!

After our marathon walk around London yesterday, my feet feel so sore today! I have spent most of the day lying on my bed (good excuse to do some reading) with my feet propped in an elevated position.

Bubbles considers me to be VERY lazy indeed! She has been sitting on the landing waiting for me to "do" something, giving me disapproving glances as I while away the day.

Ultimately I feel so guilty I manage to hobble downstairs and into the garden so Bubbles can enjoy some bouncing time outside, whilst I sit, rubbing my sore, throbbing feet!