Saturday, 15 September 2012

19/8/12 Folders

I decided today that I really ought to tidy up the mess that is my study area. My folders and papers have been in a state of disarray for quite some time, which is not ideal when I am aiming to be super organised (hmmmm not sure when that will ever quite happen!)

Anyway, it resulted in me dusting, sorting, throwing out old papers, priniting, filing, rearranging books.... until, "Voila" my study area looks exactly like that: a study area!

Bubbles was intrigued throughout most of the day's events, particularly, it has to be said, by the printing. She has an immense fascination with the printer, which I think is mainly because of the exciting clicking and whirring noises it makes, accompanied by the sudden shooting out of paper. Everytime she hears the printer begin its sequence of clicks and whirs she comes in to have a look at the printed piece as it shoots out of the machine. I think, in her own way, possibly inspecting my work!

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