Sunday, 2 September 2012

17/8/12 The Hairbrush

This morning, after breakfast Bubbles and I were sitting in the lounge together, relaxing contentedly, when I decided it was an ideal opportunity to brush her.

Bubbles loves being brushed but sometimes gets very silly about it! This morning was no exception.

I got out Bubbles's brush and comb, which she noticed immediately. Ears up, she jumped off her activity centre, trotted across the room and jumped up onto the settee next to me ready to be brushed. Soon, she was standing on my knee, head held high whilst I brushed her carefully but firmly.

Bubbles is very good at expressing her emotions. Her face rubbing again and again on the brush told me she was enjoying the experience, then a sudden twitch of the tail, a narrowing of the eyes and a slight stiffening of her body posture told me she had ENOUGH!

I quickly withdrew the brush! Not quickly enough for suddenly Bubbles lurched forward, taking in a mouthful of soft bristles as she bit at the brush! Soft or not, I am sure they did not taste very nice as Bubbles sat up straight, pulling a face as if to say "Eugh yuk!"

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