Sunday, 14 April 2013

14/4/13 Bubbles' Big Adventure

This week has been rather exciting, as well as eventful! We went on our first holiday with Bubbles, up to the Lake District. Everything was packed neatly in the boot, Bubbles was safely tucked into her travelling cage complete with toys, comfy bed and litter tray, I had a good book (a holiday pre-requisite) so we were off....

.... Twenty miles later the car decided to blow up on the motorway! Not good in a normal situation but utterly terrifying knowing we also had Bubbles on board! Quickly, I called the breakdown service, then we carefully bundled Bubbles into her small travelling carrier which we had taken along with us JUST IN CASE!

She hates being put in her small carrier as it has large associations with visits to the vets, however, she was as good as gold & did not protest once as we clambered out of the vehicle and lurched our way down the steep, grassy embankment away from the dangers of the fast moving traffic.

The breakdown service were absolutely excellent, turning up in just fifteen minutes. I was highly impressed and breathed a large sigh of relief when we were finally on the move again - this time with Bubbles and I riding in the front of the breakdown truck and my other half having the slightly less appealing task of sitting in our old banger, steering under tow, all the way home!

Great minds clearly do think alike because once back at the house, we both announced we thought we should hire a car and still go on the holiday! After all, we had already paid for our accommodation and it seemed silly to let it go to waste. Once again, I was on the telephone; this time ringing round the car hire companies. Yes, there was a car ready straight away.... But it was a little Fiat 500.

"What's one of those?" I wondered, as my other half dashed off with our neighbour to fetch it. A few minutes later I heard a car pulling up so went to the front door to look out. A funky little blue "Bubble car" was waiting outside. I'm sure it was grinning cheekily!

My other half stashed all our luggage quickly in the tiny hatchback. Feeling a weird sense of de ja vu (or maybe feeling like I was in the film "Groundhog Day") we, once again, popped Bubbles into her large, fabric travelling cage. Truth be known I was a little envious of her travelling accomodation, which was rather like a tent and put me in mind of the fun of camping!

So off we zoomed, once again, to the lake District.

When we arrived, I was taken aback at the loveliness of the lodge we had rented. It was only small but warm, clean, modern and just perfect for our short break. To top it off, it had a super view of the lake! Bubbles could spend hours watching the waders and other birds swimming, landing and taking off from the water.

While we were there, she also perfected the art of being a "nosy neighbour"....

Then happily curled up for an evening relaxing by the fire, while we cooked a nice meal and also began to relax

7/4/13 To Flea Or Not To Flea

Bubbles is looking mightily suspicious here and you might well wonder why but ensconced in my hand, hidden from view is a pipette containing her flea prevention treatment!

What ensued next can only be described as a "wrestling match" with me grabbing Bubbles before she had chance to scurry for cover under the bed!

I grabbed her. She instantly stiffened then seemingly relaxed in my grip but no, this was just a ploy, a trick to convince me to loosen my grip; as if she was going to sit still and allow me to apply the stinky syrup. I don't think so!

The minute my grip loosened slightly to snap the plastic covering of the pipette, Bubbles tried to make a lunge for it! I (for once) was quicker and we both ended up on the floor in the style of a very ungraceful rugby tackle.

Bubbles hunched down, again, as if to suggest she might allow me near her with the foul smelling mixture but as soon as I altered my position she tried to shuffle underneath me, attempting to escape backwards until I was almost sitting on her!

This was not going well but with the cold wintery snow having given way to much warmer, Spring weather, I knew plenty of bugs, insects and fleas would now be flitting mischievously around the garden waiting to infest themselves on any unsuspecting creature so I was determined she must receive the preventative treatment. As my Mother always says; "prevention is better than cure!"

I would not give in. This time I held Bubbles firmly, parted her neck fur and quickly squeezed the contents of the pipette onto her neck. She "miaowed" piteously as if I was torturing her. Soothingly, I praised her for being so good then the minute I released her she bounded away, up the stairs, to recover her composure under the bed!

I, meanwhile, went panting into the kitchen in search of a much needed large glass of water to drink!

31/3/13 Readers' Cats' Antics Part Deux: Charlie the Cat!

This is Charlie, the cheeky Siamese. Don't be fooled by his innocent, handsome charm because, according to his owner Jon, he can be quite a handful! To be continued....