Sunday, 14 October 2012

9/9/12 My Books

I could hardly believe it today (Sunday) when there was a knock at the door and a parcel had arrived from Amazon already!

"My Books" I squeaked, racing up the stairs to open the package at my desk. My other half thought with all the fuss and excitement a truly grand moment must have occurred, such as winning the lottery. I think he was somewhat disappointed to discover my excitement was caused by two rather complicated and wordy looking textbooks.

Meanwhile, I was lovingly caressing the covers, daring to peek inside for a few moments before putting them neatly on my desk for work to begin....

Bubbles, meanwhile, was busy ripping up the tough, cardboard packaging, having a great time!

8/9/12 Keys?

Hmmmm, where are my Mum's keys.

As the weather has cooled down quite a bit now, I haven't been too worried about watering Mum's plants on a daily basis. Every few days would be plenty but the trouble is I cannot find the keys to Mum's house. My other half and I have searched high and low, much to Bubbles' delight as we turfed out cupboard upon cupboard and made a lovely mess for her to pounce through in the hall as we grumpily looked for the keys.

In the end we decided the only way to deal with the situation and avoid killing off Mum's prize pergonias would be if my other half went round and climbed over the fence into the back garden.

Now this plan was not without serious risks. We realised he could 1) fall and hurt himself, 2) fall and break the fence, 3) fall and crush the flowers, 4) successfully climb over but split his trousers or 5) get arrested if any vigilant neighbours spotted him hopping over the fence and called the police.

He decided point number five was the lowest risk as the neighbours did, in fact know him and would recognise the car, so set off on his perilous journey taking care to avoid points number one to four!

He arrived back an hour later unscathed and happily reported a successful plant watering mission

7/9/12 New Books

Tonight I have ordered the new textbooks I will need for my distance learning postgraduate course. I can barely believe it. Me, a postgraduate student!

Excitedly I went onto my favourite website; Amazon, where got spending. Forcing myself to behave and not get carried away I only ordered the two books I would need for the first module. The trouble is, when I'm on Amazon, I could so easily spend hundreds of pounds in one go (but I didn't!)

Bubbles looked at me rather disapprovingly, as if I had gone mad, after I'd clicked on the "confirm order" button and did a little squeaky cheer and mad hand clap in my excitement!

6/9/12 A Little Cooler

The weather was slightly cooler today. I even had to wear a cardigan! Fancy that, in September!

Bubbles has been sunbathing on the garden wall today.

I think it's her new favourite place, as she can lie on the wall, hanging her head and front paws over the side to watch for any ants, spiders or other creepy crawlies who dare to venture onto the brickwork inviting a swift slap of the paw!

5/9/12 Mum's Holiday

Mum jetted off this morning to spend a lovely couple of weeks abroad. I have received full instructions on looking after all the garden plants and hanging baskets, given the impromptu heatwave the watering will need to be done on a daily basis.

Bubbles spent more time in the garden today. She is loving the sunshine

4/9/12 Even Hotter

Now why wasn't it twenty three degrees (and more) this time last week, when I was actually at the seaside?

I haven't been in the sea at all this summer because of the dodgy, freezing, un-summery weather but as soon as I am back home,  hundreds of miles away from the sea, the weather turns positively Carribean.

Bubbles has been enjoying a lovely afternoon, sunning herself in the back garden.... Soon, it will be time for the Daddy Long Legs's to come out!

3/9/12 Autumn, no wait, SUMMER

Bizarrely on the week the children are due to go back to school, signifying the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn, the weather is hotter, brighter, sunnier and more summery than it has been for, well, the whole summer really!

Bubbles doesn't care whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter.... as long as she is able to go bouncing in the garden she is happy!

2/9/12 The Washing

Being away for a week, then away again the very next day, of course, means I have piles of washing to catch up with!

Luckily the weather has taken a turn for the better.... meaning lovely, fresh washing dried on the line.

Bubbles loves the concept of dirty washing, as it means carrier bags full of clothes to bounce through in the hallway!