Sunday, 16 June 2013

16/6/13 The Secret Life of Cats


Did anyone see "The Secret Life of Cats"? A Horizon special, shown on BBC 2 last Thursday?

We watched it (Bubbles hid upstairs.... too nervous to watch, just incase any important cat secrets were revealed!)

We thought it was fascinating to see the way cats seem to "time share" their territories in built up urban areas where housing is dense and cats are living in fairly cramped conditions with multicat households and neighbours cats all tending to need to share the same area.

I was also intrigued to notice the unusual prey some of the cats brought back to their owners as "presents" after a night's hunting.

I wonder if any reader's cats have any unusual night time behavioural habits? If so, please get in touch to share as we would love to hear about them!

9/6/13 Friends in the Garden

Bubbles has been having an exciting few days, as she has been having a regular visitor to the garden; in the shape of an enormous, long haired brown tortoiseshell scruff ball of a cat!

He / She actually looks very sweet but I am not sure what would happen if Bubbles & the visiting feline actually met face to face.

So far, they have stared at once another through the window. Bubbles, from her high perch in the upstairs bedroom window.... The imposter, from his rather wobbly vantage point atop a tall fence post.

2/6/13 Daydreams

The weather has turned again!

We knew it was too good to last in the UK’s dodgy summer climes. This last week has been full of cold weather, torrential downpours & has, all in all, thoroughly disgraced itself in the notion that it is now supposedly the British summer!

I think we need to emigrate to a more tropical destination. I wonder how Bubbles would feel about relocating to a beach island paradise; the Caribbean should do nicely I think!

I'm not sure she would be too keen on flying but once there I think she would enjoy relaxing in the shade of palm trees whilst I sipped Caribbean cocktails on the beach, then she could paddle at  the water’s edge, lazily flicking at the clear, warm sea with her paws, while I enjoy a luxuriously long swim in water as warm as a bath. Hmmmmmmmmmm paradise!

26/5/13 The Mower

The weather has continued to be fantastically hot, sunny and spring - like. So much so that the lawn has taken on a life of its own; sprouting grass in the gravel borders & allowing lovely coloured daises & dandelions to flourish - not to mention the odd buttercup!

The back garden has started to look like a regular meadow much to Bubbles' delight, as she loves to prowl & pounce amongst the wildflowers growing in the long grass. This garden wilderness, however, is not QUITE as much to our taste as it is to hers.... so out came the lawnmower.

Now Bubbles hates the lawnmower. I can think of probably three logical reasons for this:

1) It makes a terrible noise - like a loud, growling. ferocious animal
2) Its physical presence is intimidating - like a huge, hump - back animal with a fearsome, orange shell on its back
3) It "ruins" the lawn - munching away the very grass and flowers Bubbles loves to play in


To top it all off, after my other half had neatly mowed the lawn; under constant observation by Bubbles at the window, he proceeded to leave it on the outside patio, right by the back door after he had finished.

Bubbles, on entering the garden afer the mowing debacle had finished, launched herself through the back door, then froze in shock, realsiing the mower monstrosity was THERE! She quickly composed herself then scooted past, onto the lawn, where she paced up and down, miaowing as if looking for all her lovely, long grass!