Sunday, 16 June 2013

2/6/13 Daydreams

The weather has turned again!

We knew it was too good to last in the UK’s dodgy summer climes. This last week has been full of cold weather, torrential downpours & has, all in all, thoroughly disgraced itself in the notion that it is now supposedly the British summer!

I think we need to emigrate to a more tropical destination. I wonder how Bubbles would feel about relocating to a beach island paradise; the Caribbean should do nicely I think!

I'm not sure she would be too keen on flying but once there I think she would enjoy relaxing in the shade of palm trees whilst I sipped Caribbean cocktails on the beach, then she could paddle at  the water’s edge, lazily flicking at the clear, warm sea with her paws, while I enjoy a luxuriously long swim in water as warm as a bath. Hmmmmmmmmmm paradise!

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