Sunday, 24 May 2015

May 2015 Hoover Horrors

Bubbles was just relaxing, minding her own business under the table in the lounge yesterday, when her arch nemesis "The Hoover" made a sudden, scary appearance into the lounge. She stared with saucer eyes and skeetered across the room to hide behind the TV. Now age nearly nine years old, Bubbles still feels the same fear she had for this noisy mechanical beast when she was just nine weeks old.

We wonder if she had a nasty experience encountering a hoover in her very early kittenhood, before we rescued her. Most adult cats have fears of some description or another but Bubbles is clearly quite terrified of the Hoover Monster.

When she was much younger she could not stand to be in the same room as it, having to leap bravely past to leg it up the stairs to the safety of the spare room window sill, where she stayed still as a statue until the Monster had been slayed (well, switched off again!)

Nowadays, however, her bravery has increased and she now hides behind the TV for protection but is able to peek out; watching her enemy through black slit like eyes, never trusting for a moment, never taking her eyes off its menacing movements. Waiting.... until it is silenced into submission and wheeled back into the hallway to reside as a silent unthreatening being once again.