Friday, 29 December 2017

29/12/17 Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter 2017

So, this has to be the longest break in between blog posts that I have had so far. Huge apologies to our readers for the lack of Bubbles' updates!

She has had a very relaxing year, all in all. We moved house twelve months ago and Bubbles seems content in her new homestead - which has many windowsills for her to luxuriate and sunbathe on. Being an indoor cat, she is delighted to have two very loud Siamese cats as her new neighbours - and an excellent view of a large tree that is often adorned by a variety of birdlife (mainly pigeons.)

Spring came and went - with a strange weather phenomena at the end of May that gave us 30 degree celsius temperatures for several days. This beautiful, tropical weather was - alas - short lived. Spring also saw the launch of my latest poetry book Natural Colours and the completion of the first year of my Masters in Creative Writing.

The summer months saw a new addition to the household; a tropical Siamese Fighting Fish named Flash. Flash is fearsome to other fish and will actually kill them if housed with other male Siamese Fighting Fish (and we discovered that he does in fact actually bully any fish that cross his path) so because of this he is unable to have any tankmates apart from two snails that generally mind their own business and slither around the tank eating algae, other debris, and my beautiful Red Tiger Lotus aquarium plants!

Bubbles likes to "supervise" Flash during his daily swimming activities....

I seem to have spent much of the Autumn book editing and taking part in lots of poetry performances, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Bubbles, however, is less keen on listening to me practise and often chooses to leave the room mid - poem. Yet she does seem to pay special attention to one particular poem entitled 'The Wise Cat'!

Winter is here and Christmas has been and gone in the blink of an eye. So with the New Year on the horizon, all that's left is for Bubbles and I to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading.... We will try to update the Blog a bit more regularly next year!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

13/8/17 Tia Maria Double Trouble

This month's Blog Post is all about a little Chinchilla Persian kitten called Maria! She belongs to Sarah and has a sister called Tia....

Tia Maria = double trouble I think.

Maria is no ordinary kitten, as she just loves to be taken out for a walk on her harness every day....

Knock knock!

Who's there?

Being quite small, Maria sometimes gets herself stuck in a spot of bother....

Look at those adorable, big, blue eyes....

Sarah tells me that when Maria is out for a walk she loves to stand and stare at the neighbours - which can be a little bit awkward. She enjoys jumping and can already open doors!

Like all cats, Maria loves to explre and sniff all the flowers and delicious smells in her garden.

Bubbles is enjoying the smells of summer too - as we have plenty of sweet smelling flowers for her to sniff. Her favourite scent seems to be the pretty purple Campanula plant. She is definitely not keen on Mint and is just warming to the highly perfumed aroma of Sweet Peas.

But I think Bubbles' favourite smell IN THE WHOLE WORLD hasgot to be her favourite Whiskas Chicken and Cheese treats! She always races up the hall for these whenever she hears the rattle of the treats and the crackle of the plastic lid being opened for her!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

28/3/17 Spring Has Sprung

It would appear that spring has finally sprung! Bubbles is full of the joys of moulting - shedding her thick winter coat for a lighter spring jacket. She loves her new purple fur brush and rushes over to us purring whenever she sees us getting it down from the shelf -  then basking in bliss as we gently brush her head, all around her face, ears and chin then all over her back.

If I am very good, I might be allowed a quick brush of her tail before a quick slap on the hand tells me "enough!" My other half is allowed to brush her all over without a fuss - including her precious tummy fur - which I am not allowed to touch!

The vibrant yellow daffodils are in full bloom blowing in the spring breeze, along with some smaller purple crocuses and what looks as if it promises to be a tulip shape is just about to open. Sadly my seedlings in the kitchen are doing less well - I seem to have killed off some nasturtiums with a bit of extravagant over then under watering.

Bubbles is enjoying a relaxing day so far... Having started the day being rudely interrupted during her lie in by me making the bed, she went off looking very displeased into the spare bedroom where she went back to sleep but has since reappeared, scoffed some Sheba and is now having a major grooming session on the scratching post.