Sunday, 19 May 2013

19/5/13 Summertime

I really do feel summer has arrived today. It seems like we are on a different continent compared to yesterday which was rainy, cloudy and very cold. Today is the polar opposite - SUNSHINE!

My other half has been working hard in the garden; mowing, strimming and weeding. Bubbles has been playing outside, the birds have been singing like mad and the washing has dried freely in the warm, sunny breeze.

I think the birds were quite scared by the appearance of a large, black, furry cat looking hopefully up at their tree. Their idle chirrups suddenly changed to panic stricken calls - probably warnings to each other to beware.

They are not used to Bubbles being outside because it has rained so much she has stayed indoors and the young fledglings are probably not "cat savvy" as yet. They are learning quickly though as they sit, high up, safely in their tree.

I am really careful not to let Bubbles out in the garden when I see them pecking about on the lawn. I would like to think she would not hurt them but it is a cat's natural instinct to chase and catch birds so it is best not to take the chance!

12/5/13 Arctic May

The glorious weather of the Bank Holiday weekend has given way to more Arctic conditions, with Baltic style temperatures this weekend along with torrential rain. I have even had to wear my winter coat!

I washed and dried my hair which was a pointless activity as it received a soaking during the three steps it took me to get from the front door into the car.

Bubbles is also displeased with the dodgy weather as it means she cannot go out to play. Well, she could but I doubt she would want to; not being so keen on a soaking herself!

It's a good job she has plenty of toys to occupy herself with when confined to the house

5/5/13 Bank Holiday Weekend

Woo hoo! A wonderfully hot, sunny bank holiday weekend, which has GOT to be worth a mention (probably in the Guinness Book Of Records!)

The weekend could have started off better, however. We had a major crisis with some work being done to the bathroom. It turned out a simple job of fixing the taps and removing a slightly damp area was not quite so straightforward.... damp had leaked through to the floorboards, which crumbled like rotten cardboard. I had to abandon my heroic other half to hold the fort, whilst Bubbles and I skedaddled off to my Mum's house for the week. (Cats + raised floorboards + workmen + scary loud banging / drilling really do not mix.) Besides which, I had some uni work to complete, which was quite an impossible task given the noise reverberating from the bathroom.

Bubbles had a lovely week of being spoilt at my Mum's house.... On the Saturday evening she shared some fresh salmon for her tea then on Sunday enjoyed a nice dish of Roast Gammon for her Sunday dinner!

It was really exciting being able to check out all of Mum's rooms and she found all sorts of fun hidey holes to relax in. Her favourite one had to be the cover on the armchair, which Bubbles managed to crawl underneath to make into her own little "den"!

28/4/13 The Motorbike Show

Today, we went to a classic motorbike show. Now I'm not really a biker kind of girl but I did make some technical observations of the many bikes we saw:

Some were "shiny", some were "silvery", some were "blue", some were "red", some were "big" and some were "uncomfy looking". I have to say, this is the limit of my motorbike knowledge. There were some rare and interesting looking bikes from World War 1 and some amazingly long, solid looking contraptions that made me wonder how on earth they ever managed to go along whilst staying upright (riding motorbikes is also not my forte; after a rather unpleasant incident one holiday in Greece involving a slow motion parking problem between the scooter I was attempting to ride and a tree!) The classic bike owners had all restored their motorbikes to beautiful condition and many had won rosettes for their efforts.

All in all it was a fun day out but the weather could have been somewhat warmer for the time of year. At about four o clock I looked at my watch. I felt it could have been four o clock on a cold, October day, with a dusky tint to the sky and icy cold air.

When we arrived home we cranked up the heating in order to defrost, much to Bubbles' pleasure, as she had a lovely evening baking by the radiator!

21/4/13 Home Sweet Home

Bubbles is really pleased to be home again, which she has shown by purring and kneading her bed; now back in its rightful place by the bedroom radiator! She then fell fast asleep; tired out after all her big adventures!