Sunday, 19 May 2013

19/5/13 Summertime

I really do feel summer has arrived today. It seems like we are on a different continent compared to yesterday which was rainy, cloudy and very cold. Today is the polar opposite - SUNSHINE!

My other half has been working hard in the garden; mowing, strimming and weeding. Bubbles has been playing outside, the birds have been singing like mad and the washing has dried freely in the warm, sunny breeze.

I think the birds were quite scared by the appearance of a large, black, furry cat looking hopefully up at their tree. Their idle chirrups suddenly changed to panic stricken calls - probably warnings to each other to beware.

They are not used to Bubbles being outside because it has rained so much she has stayed indoors and the young fledglings are probably not "cat savvy" as yet. They are learning quickly though as they sit, high up, safely in their tree.

I am really careful not to let Bubbles out in the garden when I see them pecking about on the lawn. I would like to think she would not hurt them but it is a cat's natural instinct to chase and catch birds so it is best not to take the chance!