Sunday, 19 May 2013

5/5/13 Bank Holiday Weekend

Woo hoo! A wonderfully hot, sunny bank holiday weekend, which has GOT to be worth a mention (probably in the Guinness Book Of Records!)

The weekend could have started off better, however. We had a major crisis with some work being done to the bathroom. It turned out a simple job of fixing the taps and removing a slightly damp area was not quite so straightforward.... damp had leaked through to the floorboards, which crumbled like rotten cardboard. I had to abandon my heroic other half to hold the fort, whilst Bubbles and I skedaddled off to my Mum's house for the week. (Cats + raised floorboards + workmen + scary loud banging / drilling really do not mix.) Besides which, I had some uni work to complete, which was quite an impossible task given the noise reverberating from the bathroom.

Bubbles had a lovely week of being spoilt at my Mum's house.... On the Saturday evening she shared some fresh salmon for her tea then on Sunday enjoyed a nice dish of Roast Gammon for her Sunday dinner!

It was really exciting being able to check out all of Mum's rooms and she found all sorts of fun hidey holes to relax in. Her favourite one had to be the cover on the armchair, which Bubbles managed to crawl underneath to make into her own little "den"!

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