Saturday, 28 September 2013

September 2013 Spider Time

This month has seen the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn, although we have had some quite mild, still summery weather over the last few days.

Bubbles has been making the most of the dry days, enjoying playing and pouncing happily in the garden, especially as there are still a lot of beautiful butterflies to (attempt to) catch.

Several spiders have made their enticingly intricate webs visible to us through the kitchen and lounge windows (I'm sure there are hundreds more in the garden, however I'd rather not go outside to count them - yuk!) The fat spider outside the kitchen window has stretched his web from our hanging basket to a sturdy bush and I am forever witnessing evil murders as small insects unwittingly fly into its net only to be trapped and taken away by the spider as it hurries down the silky strands to capture its prey then whisk it away to the middle of its web. This spider is getting bigger and fatter on a daily basis, which is fine, as long as it stays outside!

Bubbles watches, intrigued, from the settee as another spider seems to dangle unattached in midair right outside the lounge window; bobbing in the breeze. It is actually attached on a thin web which it has spun from the fence to the washing line then across to the window frame. I feel if I were to venture outside the back door I may become entangled in this rather elaborate structure; an experience I do not wish to have!