Thursday, 28 February 2013

24/2/13 Decorating

This weekend, my other half has decorated our lounge. He has painted and wallpapered the room beautifully but before he could start, all the old wallpaper had to be stripped off.

This was a fairly easy task to complete because whenever one of us walked into the room we would tear off a piece of wallpaper (the edges were already a bit worn and torn!)

Bubbles could not believe her EYES when she first saw me doing this, as it is something she (frequently) gets into trouble for! One of her favourite evening occupations when we are watching the television, is to sneakily sit behind it, thinking she is hidden, then quickly rip at the wallpaper on the wall, then sit really still again thinking she has not been noticed. Then a few seconds later she will repeat the manoeuvre!

The thing is, when a bushy black tail is poking out of the corner, swishing frantically from side to side, then there is a sudden,strange, rustling, ripping sound then a loud "Miaow" from someone who cannot contain her excitement, it kind of gives the game away!

Now the walls are smooth with no rippable edges to be seen, Bubbles is a little bit disappointed but I am sure she will quickly find a new form of mischievous entertainment to occupy herself!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

17/2/13 Hairballs

With the approach of Spring, Bubbles seems to be moulting her winter coat. This results in lots of necessary brushing, which is mostly enjoyed but sometimes not; resulting in several attacks of the hairbrush! When Bubbles has been brushed, she then tends to also groom herself; licking off any loose hair from just under the surface hair layer. Yep, you've guessed it.... This creates GIGANTIC hairballs!

The first time Bubbles ever produced a hairball, I didn't know what was wrong with her. I could hear her making the most dreadful gasping sound; honking like a goose. I was convinced she was choking, until suddenly, a large, slug like object appeared on the carpet: A HAIRBALL!

Bubbles' hairballs are now a common occurrence; dealt with swiftly by a wad of kitchen towel and some carpet spray. But for some reason, the other day, I discovered a large black hairball deposited neatly in my favourite pink shoe....

With a very innocent looking cat, as if to say "Who? Meeeeeeee?"


Sunday, 10 February 2013

10/2/13 Washing

Today, I discovered a rather hopeful cat sitting in the washing basket. We have had torrential rain all day and there is NO WAY Bubbles really wants to set foot outside (I opened the back door just to check and received a filthy look for my efforts!) Yet somehow, by sitting in the washing basket Bubbles seems to think the rain will stop so she (and the washing) will be able to go outside!

Here are some funny cat videos to hopefully cheer up readers on this indoorsy, rainy day....



3/2/13 Fussy

My cat Bubbles loves nothing more than having a BIIIIGGGGG fuss made of her. When she is in one of her "fussing" moods she will climb on top of me, kneading me with her paws and purring with a very serious expression on her face. She has her favourite places to be "fussed"; mainly anywhere on her face, chin, ears.... but ESPECIALLY on her lower back just in front of her tail!

I wonder if any reader's cats have particular preferences of their favourite "fussing" areas... Here's a "Rough guide to catnatomy" to help you get started....