Thursday, 31 December 2015

31/12/15 A Year of Numbers


For my family, this year has been a year of numbers. A year of firsts and a year of lasts.

The first time I kissed my husband on our wedding day; our first dance; our first announcement as Mr & Mrs; the first time I used my new name; our first Christmas as husband & wife; my first trip to Cyprus; my first day in my new job....

The last time I signed my old name; the last time my Dad came round; the last conversation we had together; Dad and I sharing our last hug.

I am struggling to write creatively or emotively at the moment as everything feels so very factual. So I thought I'd write a list! So here is our year in numbers, amounts or quantities - however you want to think of it; from 1 - 10! 

1 husband gained
1 lovely step daughter gained 
1 lovely niece, 1 nephew, 1 sister, 1 brother in law 
1 lovely Dad walking me down the aisle & giving me away at our wedding


1 lovely wedding speech done by my Mum

1 new car 
1 new job 
2 very proud parents at my wedding 
2 books published - 1 with my Dad


2 lovely bridesmaids
3 trips to Llandudno 
4 nights in the countryside on our Lake District mini moon adventure 
5 wedding suits hired 
6 eggs stored in our funky wedding gift egg house! 

7 the month of our wedding 
8 beautiful illustrations drawn by Dad for our poetry book 
9 Bubbles celebrated her 9th birthday whilst holidaying at the cattery - we made up for it with presents & cat cuddles on our return from 
10 nights in beautiful Cyprus for our amazing honeymoon


With boundless unconditional love from the people who matter most to me in the world.

A New Year begins tomorrow. This year has been a year of contrasting, conflicting feelings and emotions. Riding high on the waves of euphoria on our wedding day, and in Cyprus as we truly had the happiest day of our lives. Then crashing down into what I can only describe as absolute sorrow as my dear, lovely Dad passed away.

The feelings I have experienced this year are all down to love - absolute unconditional love - of and from my parents and my husband. Bubbles has ridden this rollercoaster with us all the way; being there with a loving purr and a furry head rub when we have needed it the most.

Next year I want to try to turn this Blog about our cat and about our lives into a book - whether it has the potential to be a full length novel or a little novella has yet to be discovered but I am looking forward.... looking forward to trying.... and looking forward to trying to grasp life with both hands and living. But most importantly loving and appreciating those I love the most