Sunday, 27 May 2012

27/5/12 Birdwatching

Today has been a glorious hot, sunny day. Bubbles and I have spent most of it in the garden, where a very noisy bird has been disturbing the peace and quiet!

During one of Bubbles' catnaps in the house, the bird dared to venture out from its nest (or hiding place) in the tree. It was the TINIEST bird you have ever seen! But with the loudest tweet I have ever heard!

Bubbles heard it twittering loudly to itself (and to everyone else within about twenty miles) so came zooming out of the house at high speed to set up a vigil underneath the bird's tree, in the hope that it might, somehow, accidentally fall out.

It didn't of course, but just kept on tweeting now and then as if laughing naughtily to itself and fluttering about in the tree, rustling the branches, as if to tease and tempt her!

26/5/12 Readers' Cats Part 3

Thank you to Chloe for her picture of the very handsome Magic. The only boy to venture onto this Blog site!

Magic is three years old and loves nothing better than being stroked by his best friend Harry and relaxing on the driveway; preferably in the sunshine!

25/5/12 Readers' Cats Part 2

Thank you to Katy for her picture of the gorgeous Kushka, who is a four year old Silver Tabby, with an addiction to "Dreamies" treats!

Apparently Kushka loves dogs but hates other cats coming onto her own land. Her best friend is actually a fox!

Bubbles was rather shocked to hear this but feels she can totally relate to the "Dreamies" addiction!

24/5/12 Readers' Cats Part 1

I thought today I would share a few pictures of some of my Blog readers' cats.  Bubbles has been staring in a rather interested manner at the computer screen, hoping to become feline friends! She definitely agrees with the idea of inviting readers to share pictures of their cats.

So thank you to Frances for the first picture of her cat Ruby who has chosen to chill out in.... a rabbit hutch! Not an empty one mind you, but one housing her two rabbit friends!

23/5/12 Mowing

Today my other half has mowed our back garden lawn, much to Bubbles' disapproval! She has really been enjoying prowling in the long grass, where she can hide and pretend to be hunting.

Now the lawn is about 1mm long Bubbles has rather cleverly invented a new game for the garden.... sticks!

Yes, really! She finds a stick, grasps it between her front paws, throws it up in the air and bats it about a bit! She also loves it to be thrown for her to chase!

I have explained to her that this is really supposed to be a dog's game but she doesn't care one bit!

22/5/12 Socks

Aha! Today it has been suitably warm enough for me to at last remove my socks! I have been able to put my summery pumps on, which has felt great!

Being able to discard winter slippers and opt for bare feet in the house also feels great, however, Bubbles seems to think I am inviting her to play a new (rather painful) game of "pounce on the feet"; batting or swiping playfully at my feet whenever they move past her.

Maybe my toes look like wiggly worms?

21/5/12 Warmer

Wow! Today has actually felt - dare I say it? "Warmer!" I actually felt quite hot outside for a change! Is this a sign that Spring (or even Summer) may be here?

Much to her delight I even managed to spend some time in the garden with Bubbles, who has been enjoying basking in the sun!

Let's hope the sun continues to shine.

20/5/12 Freezing

Today has been absolutely freezing and very un-Mayish! I went out briefly at nine a.m and returned with hands of icicles.

Bubbles doesn't really mind the cold as it is, at least, dry so she has been able to go out in the garden prowling like a black lioness in the long grass!

I will join her once I've put on my thermals....

Saturday, 19 May 2012

19/5/12 Mess!

On waking up after a nice lie in this morning I decided to venture downstairs to make a cup of tea then bring it upstairs to drink in the comfort of my warm, cosy bed.

I opened the door to the spare bedroom to let in some light then trudged off downstairs to find the kettle.... On returning upstairs, carefully carrying my hot cup of tea, I manoevred back into bed, pulling the quilt cosily around me.

"Aaaagh" I gave a sigh (which rather too closely resembled that of the PG Tips monkey), relaxed and took another sip.


"Oh my goodness" I announced (or similar slightly less printable words to that effect) and tumbled back out of bed. Quickly, I shoved my tea onto a bedside coaster and rushed to the spare room.

Bubbles was innocently sitting on my computer desk, staring at a mark on the ceiling. Around her, destruction littered the floor: A purse, some earrings and a dozen CDs had mysteriously found their way from the shelf, onto the carpet.

"Miaow!" said Bubbles. She had decided the ceiling mark was in fact some sort of bug (maybe even a spider) and was not to be convinced otherwise. I thought she had been rather quiet, as Bubbles' normal morning routine involves coming to the kitchen with me, having a spot of breakfast then "Miaowing" to be let into the lounge to investigate the settee cushions and her activity centre. "It's nothing exciting" I told her but she stared, unblinking at the ceiling. I left her to her vigil and returned to the snugness of my bed, to drink the remains of my now cold tea!

18/5/12 The Ladybird

Today has been better weather so Bubbles and I ventured out into the garden to hang out the washing for the first time this week!

Bubbles proceeded to ignore my attempts to play games with her; focusing instead on consuming as much grass as possible. "What you doing?" I said, gently bending to stroke her. Just then I noticed a small, red ladybird climbing a tall stem of grass right next to Bubbles' face. Chomp! The ladybird vanished.

"You've eaten it!" I cried in horror. Bubbles looked at me then continued munching grass. I was unconvinced that the ladybird had indeed been devoured, as a more careful inspection revealed the tall blade of grass was still standing. "Hmmmm, how could she have eaten the ladybird but not the actual grass?" I wondered to myself rummaging about in the roots of the long grass. Aware that any watching neighbours would think I had entirely lost the plot, rummaging about pulling at the grass, I was undeterred, determined to discover the fate of the ladybird.

"There is is" I announced at last, spying it moving around under tufts of grass. I carefully picked it up and let it fly safely away, under the watchful gaze of Bubbles, who clearly also thought I had gone mad!

17/5/12 Nesting

Tonight, whilst working on my computer, Bubbles has done a fantastic impression of a bird sitting on a nest!

My other half left one of his t - shirts dumped on the comfy chair in our spare room. It was all ruffled up, unfolded and had slipped to the back of the seat. Now Bubbles views this chair as her personal relaxation seat so tonight was most miffed to discover an irritatingly positioned t - shirt in the way.

She spent ages trying to carefully rearrange it with her paw, so it was all smoothed out ready for her to lie on, just like a rather large bird sitting on a nest!


16/5/12 The Filling

Yeoooouch! Today I have been to the dentist to have a filling. Now I don't mind the dentist. I don't even mind the needle jabbing my gum or the sound of the dentists drill but what I DO NOT LIKE is the feeling of my eye being frozen which was exactly what happened to me today!

I thought the dentist was supposed to inject my gum to ensure I feel no pain whilst having my teeth drilled and meddled with, however, the anaesthetic seemed to travel up my face, meaning I couldn't feel my nose or my eye. This made nose blowing quite a tricky procedure not to mention the way my contact lense kept trying to pop out of my eye, which was frozen wide open making me unable to blink.

I arrived home (somehow) after driving pretty much one - eyed the whole way home. Not the safest option I am sure, so must make mental note to ALWAYS wear my glasses to the dentist in future!

On my arrival home, Bubbles was waiting for me on the bannister. I went upstairs and bent my face for her to say "Hello" and give me a sniff.

"Wow!" she must have thought. "Where have you BEEN?" As she sat bolt upright, exploring my whole face with her cold nose I realised I must smell very peculiar indeed, having been given hideous safety goggles to wear at the dentist and having bits of filling & dental mouthwash no doubt smeared all over my face. Bubbles was not sure she approved of these smells, wrinkling her mouth to show her teeth in an "Oh yuk!" kind of expression!

15/5/12 Hailstorm

Today, I have been for a nice day out at the local castle.

Well, it would have been nice if it wasn't for the fact that it rained, then hailed, in MAY! Luckily I was wearing my trusty cagoule (which this time fortunately did not leak)

I should have realised the moment I woke up that it was set to be a cold day.  Usually, when I give Bubbles a "good morning" cuddle on the bed, her fur feels all cosy and warm. Today, however, her fur felt distinctly chilly; probably due to cold draft blowing from the stairway.

As I got in my car and attempted to clean the windscreen, I noticed the washer bottle was not working. "It must need filling up" I thought to myself.

Later, I realised it was actually frozen but the rain had stealthily washed away the frost and ice from the windscreen.

14/5/12 Spiders

After a busy day I had fallen asleep in the lounge (for a change!)

Deciding it was time for bed I made my way upstairs to draw the curtains. On yanking at the bedroom curtain I noticed a dark patch on the cream coloured material - just above my head. A SPIDER!

"AAAAGGGGHHH!" I involuntarily screamed. "What are you DOING?" My other half hissed up the stairs. "It's half past eleven at night. The neighbours will be calling the police!"

Bubbles did not need to be told there was a spider on the premises. My scream said it all. A bang downstairs told me that she had launched off her activity centre. I could hear her racing up the stairs, chirruping the whole time as she charged into the bedroom, tail curved high above her back in excitement!

I shook the curtain & carefully banged at it with my hand. The spider fell off. I danced out of the way, stifling another scream as the spider scurried across the carpet with Bubbles in hot pursuit. A furry black foot reached out & patted the spider. It stopped in its tracks & curled itself up on the floor; pretending to be killed. Bubbles & I were not fooled. We had seen this sort of trickery before. We knew the minute our backs were turned the spider would be up & scurrying away!

Just then my other half arrived, armed with a paper towel. "Where is it?" he demanded. Bubbles squeaked, dancing round the spider. I pointed, jigging nervously on the spot lest the eight legged one should jump up and move towards me. My other half deftly manoeuvred the paper towel over the spider, grabbed it & deposited it out of the window.

Bubbles looked disappointed. I looked ridiculous - a fully grown woman screeching at the sight of a spider!

OK, so it wasn't QUITE this big!

13/5/12 A Hairy Event

Today I decided to do out the airing cupboard, which had once again been left to pile up haphazardly for weeks. On rediscovering clothes I had forgotten existed, I was spurred on to organising piles of clothes into their respective categories on the bed, ready to put away properly in my cupboards.

Admittedly, after a while this got rather boring so I wandered off in search of food - to continue my clothing reorganisation later. However, on my return upstairs I let out a Simon's Cat style sharp intake of breath as I found my furry cat relaxing amidst the mounds of clothing upon the bed; lying right on top of my CREAM COLOURED scarf!

Bubbles' head perked up jauntily as she looked at me! She cheekily began licking her legs as if to say "I'm sitting here! Now what are you going to do about it?" A quick shake of the Chicken & Cheese treats did the trick! Bubbles leapt of the bed ready to devour the tasty morsels, whilst I closely inspected the covering of black hairs on my cream scarf, harrumphed & flung it into the washing basket!

Have a look at these funny Simon's Cat cartoons. I'm sure all the cat owners amongst you will appreciate and relate to these funny visual anecdotes:

Saturday, 12 May 2012

12/5/12 Garden Time

Today is sunny! A fabulously blowy drying day and a lovely day for pussycats to explore gardens!

Bubbles has had a super time in the garden today ; playing in the long grass (the lawn does need cutting,) parading along the garden wall and enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing through her fur.

She has enjoyed "helping" my other half to hang the washing out; observing and inspecting from her supervisory vantage point on the top of the garden wall. She has also enjoyed "riding" back into the house in the rather stately position of being carried in the washing basket!

Now it is evening time and Bubbles is snoozing happily; no doubt dreaming of grass, garden smells and fresh air!

11/5/12 Yuk!

This morning did not begin well.... I poured out my cornflakes and milk, took one mouthful and nearly vomited. It tasted DIS-GUST-ING!

"Yuk! What is wrong with that?" I muttered to myself, making my way back to the fridge to inspect the milk. It had gone out of date on the 7th May. Now I'm not great at maths and it was quite early in the morning but even I could work out that the milk must have been off for several days. No wonder my cups of tea had been tasting funny!

Stupidly I sniffed the milk to check it really was off. The inadvertent gagging noise I made confirmed my suspicions! The milk went down the sink and I went to the cupboard, which, unfortunately was bare! Tutting I reached up into the fruit bowl. Empty! I checked the bread bin. No bread left. There were a few manky rolls so I decided to go all continental and have a bread roll for breakfast. Usually, continental breakfasts consist of such delights as croissants, jams, all sorts of lovely meats and cakes - but for me an old bread roll with a bit of butter would have to do! But now posed the question - what to drink? I know plenty of people who start the day on a glass of water, or some fruit juice or Ribena, but for me, nothing quite does it like a delicious, refreshing hot cup of tea!
Grumbling at the lack of milk I decided I would have to have green tea instead.... A nice refreshing drink but NOT first thing in the morning. To cool it a bit I sloshed in some cold water and took a sip! Gagging again, this followed the milk down the plug hole. Cold green tea was really not a good start to the day - tasting more like cold Lemsip.

Shuddering from the foul taste, I fed Bubbles who was lurking impatiently in the kitchen, dropping subtle hints that she was ready for breakfast, by climbing onto her cat food shelf. This appeared to be the only well stocked part of the kitchen! Cat feeding accomplished, I rushed upstairs, dressed quickly and raced to the shops for provisions....

10/5/12 Exhaustion

Feeling more exhausted than yesterday I'm afraid my blog post holds little excitement for the reader.

My day passed in a blur of exhaustion after yesterday's interview efforts and I was truly appreciative of my other half cooking my tea, which I ate then duly fell asleep again!

Bubbles has enjoyed a relaxing evening in the lounge with her humans but was not impressed when during an "awake" moment I decided she really could do with a brush.... It started off well, with Bubbles purring, happily rubbing her face against the brush and rolling co-operatively onto each side in turn to let me brush her, however, as soon as the brush gently touched her tail fur (which I am VERY careful of incase of sensitivity) she decided enough was enough and I received a violent slap for my efforts.

Tail wagging furiously, Bubbles glared at me whilst I removed the offending brush and slunk off to the kitchen to bathe my wounded hand!

9/5/12 Interview

Well, today has been soooo tiring. I went to my interview which was an experience! I was unsuccessful this time but gained some valuable advice and good experience.

On arriving home I quickly changed out of my new outfit before collapsing wearily in a tracksuited heap on the settee! By eight o clock I was fast asleep, to be woken suddenly by the lounge door being flung open as Bubbles strode into the room "Miaowing" loudly!

Clearly it was highly unacceptable for me to fall asleep so early in the evening. How dare I be unavailable to pay attention to pussycat needs and demands!

Feeling to tired to do anything constructive I toddled off to bed with Bubbles, where we were soon snuggled up fast asleep under the quilt

8/5/12 Shopping

Today, I have been shopping for interview clothes: Smart black trousers, a smart red top and a smart, military style red suit jacket. I feel good in my new outfit! I am pretty sure Bubbles approves, judging by all the bouncing she has done on the shopping bags!

Cats seem to have a love of anything "crinkly!" Bubbles adores pouncing on plastic bags, especially if they then skid across the floor with her riding proudly like a furry surfer.

These antics always make me laugh, although NOT so popular was the time Bubbles spied me arranging all my uni notes on the lounge floor. All seventeen pages, I hasten to add, were painstakingly arranged in my attempt to organise a rather complicated end of module project.

Unfortunately Bubbles was unaware of this, as she raced into the room, skidding with immense accuracy onto the first sheet which had a rather super cascading effect as all my notes whizzed across the room haphazardly out of order! "AAAGH!" I kind of half shrieked, half yelled, half choked, whilst Bubbles just looked at me inquisitively, twitched her ears then thoughtfully surveyed the mess of papers before legging it back out of the room and upstairs two at a time "Miaowing" excitedly!

7/5/12 Bank Holiday

Today is Bank Holiday Monday. As usual the fantastically predictable British weather has not broken the habit of a lifetime.... IT IS RAINING!

The miserable weather doesn't affect me for I am up to my eyes in essay writing, however, it is not nice for Bubbles, who clearly would love to play outside in the fresh air.

Instead, with a big huff, she settled down on the chair next to me to supervise my studies and make sure I do no more of that procrastination nonsense!

It is good to have some company while I write, and the frequent little chirrups and sighs I hear from Bubbles remind me that she is always my constant companion, always near, always making sure I am ok, exuding warmth and love just by being here

6/5/12 Skim Reading

As an Open University student, I seem to have mastered the art of not one but two very special study techniques: The technique of procrastination and the skill of skim reading!!!!

No doubt my fellow OU readers will agree that these are two very important skills and techniques; valuable to every student!

Over the last five years of me studying through the Open University, Bubbles has witnessed the attainment, development, application and reinvention of these skills to almost record breaking new levels. I think she would be surprised if there was ever an essay I approached without "faffing!"

So having demonstrated all day yesterday, the skill of procrastination, I now needed to utilise the art of skim reading - and FAST if I would ever be able to get my essay written by the deadline.

Hmmmm, where to start?

                                                        I think I'll start with a cup of tea....

5/5/12 The Voice

I woke up today, the start of a Bank Holiday weekend in a cold sweat and mad panic. How exactly would I formulate my latest Open University assignment? Obviously I would need to use my course books for the theories and evidence to support my arguments (wafflings) but I would also like to find my own examples to include.

Hmmmm, I spent a most unproductive day writing nothing!

Deciding that today was really a bit of a lost cause and realising that I still was not feeling very well from my cold (violins please) I decided to snuggle down for a relaxing evening on the sofa watching The Voice.

Suddenly, it struck me! "Aha!" I shouted, sitting bolt upright and grabbing at pen and post it notes, making Bubbles raise her head questioningly from her position on the back of the settee

My other half jump out of his skin, spilling his drink. He looked at me, eyebrows also raised questioningly. "Will.I.Am" I announced. "He's my inspiration!"

My other half looked even more confused at THAT wild statement but in fairness, both he and Bubbles are quite used to my bizarre announcements! They both proceeded to continue watching TV; ignoring my under-breath mutterings as I fervently scribbled away on my post it note. I had suddenly thought of an example for my essay involving the U.S. rapper, as I watched him on The Voice!

Satisfied with my sudden brainwave I was now able to sit back, relax and enjoy the programme....

Friday, 4 May 2012

4/5/12 Lots Of Cuddles

Today has been a PYJAMA DAY!

I have enjoyed a nice, long lie-in with lots of cuddles from Bubbles, who has entertained me once again with her wardrobe antics.

Tonight we are having a take away (for medicinal purposes of course) as there is nothing like a good, hot Madras to clear the sinus' and cure a cold. Well, that's my excuse anyway!

3/5/12 Ill

I woke up this morning wondering where Bubbles was, as she was not in her usual place asleep on the bottom of the bed or on the landing. Then on squinting (then sensibly putting on my glasses) I realised there was a cheeky cat looking like a rather long sausage all stretched out along the top of the wardrobe; fast asleep!

The rest of today has dragged on in a blur of feeling pretty yuk, carrying around my very own toilet roll as a constant companion for my sneezing! (Well the tissues lasted about twenty seconds, I have sneezed that much!)

With a temperature of 102 degrees I am pretty sure I am not well; no wonder I spent the day shaking and feeling grotty. I am really looking forward to my lovely bed and a very looooooooong sleep!

Although feeling unwell (get out the violins) I am feeling very well looked after by my other half making me loads of hot drinks and good food, my Mum who has sent me about a month's supply of fruit and Bubbles; who, as ever, when I am not well, is a truly loving companion.


2/5/12 Croaky

Have woken up this morning with hardly any voice, a chesty cough and what would appear to be the beginning of a cold. A dreary subject to write about I know, so I will not dwell but I do suspect that yesterday's soaking has a lot to answer for!

So, a fairly quiet day in my household today you may think? But no! Bubbles has today been extremely vocal. I think she is trying to make up for my quietness! She has been miaowing on the bannister, miaowing on the wardrobe and sitting right in front of me on the floor miaowing at me as if having a little conversation!

I have taken the philosophy "feed a cold" quite literally and enjoyed a hearty meal of chicken pie, jacket potatoes and veg followed by (lots of) cake! Then promptly fell asleep for my very own cat nap on the settee.

1/5/12 A Winter's May

Hmmmm, this time last year I was in the sea! Yes, really. On 1st May last year I was happily body boarding in the surf at Porth Ceiriad, North Wales, whilst my other half basked in the sunshine on the beach. It was really glorious weather. This year, however, 1st May has been more like a winter's day with freezing cold rain, wind and generally miserable weather.

I received a complete soaking including my jumper somehow becoming wet through my usually excellently waterproof cagoule. Not impressed.
Bubbles, however, couldn't really care less what the weather does. She is far too interested in her current wardrobe explorations, which seem to be her absolutely favourite hobby at the moment. (Even more favourite than her usual game of jumping out at my legs trying to trip me up!)

I know she has been up to mischief on the wardrobe again because there is EVIDENCE! Apart from the telltale loud "thud" I hear as she leaps off, I also discovered my hairdryer and a pile of clothes, knocked onto the floor.... with a very guilty looking cat sitting on the floor looking at my hairdryer and then at me in a most apologetic manner!