Saturday, 19 May 2012

13/5/12 A Hairy Event

Today I decided to do out the airing cupboard, which had once again been left to pile up haphazardly for weeks. On rediscovering clothes I had forgotten existed, I was spurred on to organising piles of clothes into their respective categories on the bed, ready to put away properly in my cupboards.

Admittedly, after a while this got rather boring so I wandered off in search of food - to continue my clothing reorganisation later. However, on my return upstairs I let out a Simon's Cat style sharp intake of breath as I found my furry cat relaxing amidst the mounds of clothing upon the bed; lying right on top of my CREAM COLOURED scarf!

Bubbles' head perked up jauntily as she looked at me! She cheekily began licking her legs as if to say "I'm sitting here! Now what are you going to do about it?" A quick shake of the Chicken & Cheese treats did the trick! Bubbles leapt of the bed ready to devour the tasty morsels, whilst I closely inspected the covering of black hairs on my cream scarf, harrumphed & flung it into the washing basket!

Have a look at these funny Simon's Cat cartoons. I'm sure all the cat owners amongst you will appreciate and relate to these funny visual anecdotes:

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