Friday, 4 May 2012

2/5/12 Croaky

Have woken up this morning with hardly any voice, a chesty cough and what would appear to be the beginning of a cold. A dreary subject to write about I know, so I will not dwell but I do suspect that yesterday's soaking has a lot to answer for!

So, a fairly quiet day in my household today you may think? But no! Bubbles has today been extremely vocal. I think she is trying to make up for my quietness! She has been miaowing on the bannister, miaowing on the wardrobe and sitting right in front of me on the floor miaowing at me as if having a little conversation!

I have taken the philosophy "feed a cold" quite literally and enjoyed a hearty meal of chicken pie, jacket potatoes and veg followed by (lots of) cake! Then promptly fell asleep for my very own cat nap on the settee.

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