Sunday, 27 May 2012

27/5/12 Birdwatching

Today has been a glorious hot, sunny day. Bubbles and I have spent most of it in the garden, where a very noisy bird has been disturbing the peace and quiet!

During one of Bubbles' catnaps in the house, the bird dared to venture out from its nest (or hiding place) in the tree. It was the TINIEST bird you have ever seen! But with the loudest tweet I have ever heard!

Bubbles heard it twittering loudly to itself (and to everyone else within about twenty miles) so came zooming out of the house at high speed to set up a vigil underneath the bird's tree, in the hope that it might, somehow, accidentally fall out.

It didn't of course, but just kept on tweeting now and then as if laughing naughtily to itself and fluttering about in the tree, rustling the branches, as if to tease and tempt her!

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