Saturday, 19 May 2012

16/5/12 The Filling

Yeoooouch! Today I have been to the dentist to have a filling. Now I don't mind the dentist. I don't even mind the needle jabbing my gum or the sound of the dentists drill but what I DO NOT LIKE is the feeling of my eye being frozen which was exactly what happened to me today!

I thought the dentist was supposed to inject my gum to ensure I feel no pain whilst having my teeth drilled and meddled with, however, the anaesthetic seemed to travel up my face, meaning I couldn't feel my nose or my eye. This made nose blowing quite a tricky procedure not to mention the way my contact lense kept trying to pop out of my eye, which was frozen wide open making me unable to blink.

I arrived home (somehow) after driving pretty much one - eyed the whole way home. Not the safest option I am sure, so must make mental note to ALWAYS wear my glasses to the dentist in future!

On my arrival home, Bubbles was waiting for me on the bannister. I went upstairs and bent my face for her to say "Hello" and give me a sniff.

"Wow!" she must have thought. "Where have you BEEN?" As she sat bolt upright, exploring my whole face with her cold nose I realised I must smell very peculiar indeed, having been given hideous safety goggles to wear at the dentist and having bits of filling & dental mouthwash no doubt smeared all over my face. Bubbles was not sure she approved of these smells, wrinkling her mouth to show her teeth in an "Oh yuk!" kind of expression!

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