Friday, 4 May 2012

3/5/12 Ill

I woke up this morning wondering where Bubbles was, as she was not in her usual place asleep on the bottom of the bed or on the landing. Then on squinting (then sensibly putting on my glasses) I realised there was a cheeky cat looking like a rather long sausage all stretched out along the top of the wardrobe; fast asleep!

The rest of today has dragged on in a blur of feeling pretty yuk, carrying around my very own toilet roll as a constant companion for my sneezing! (Well the tissues lasted about twenty seconds, I have sneezed that much!)

With a temperature of 102 degrees I am pretty sure I am not well; no wonder I spent the day shaking and feeling grotty. I am really looking forward to my lovely bed and a very looooooooong sleep!

Although feeling unwell (get out the violins) I am feeling very well looked after by my other half making me loads of hot drinks and good food, my Mum who has sent me about a month's supply of fruit and Bubbles; who, as ever, when I am not well, is a truly loving companion.


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