Saturday, 12 May 2012

10/5/12 Exhaustion

Feeling more exhausted than yesterday I'm afraid my blog post holds little excitement for the reader.

My day passed in a blur of exhaustion after yesterday's interview efforts and I was truly appreciative of my other half cooking my tea, which I ate then duly fell asleep again!

Bubbles has enjoyed a relaxing evening in the lounge with her humans but was not impressed when during an "awake" moment I decided she really could do with a brush.... It started off well, with Bubbles purring, happily rubbing her face against the brush and rolling co-operatively onto each side in turn to let me brush her, however, as soon as the brush gently touched her tail fur (which I am VERY careful of incase of sensitivity) she decided enough was enough and I received a violent slap for my efforts.

Tail wagging furiously, Bubbles glared at me whilst I removed the offending brush and slunk off to the kitchen to bathe my wounded hand!

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