Saturday, 12 May 2012

9/5/12 Interview

Well, today has been soooo tiring. I went to my interview which was an experience! I was unsuccessful this time but gained some valuable advice and good experience.

On arriving home I quickly changed out of my new outfit before collapsing wearily in a tracksuited heap on the settee! By eight o clock I was fast asleep, to be woken suddenly by the lounge door being flung open as Bubbles strode into the room "Miaowing" loudly!

Clearly it was highly unacceptable for me to fall asleep so early in the evening. How dare I be unavailable to pay attention to pussycat needs and demands!

Feeling to tired to do anything constructive I toddled off to bed with Bubbles, where we were soon snuggled up fast asleep under the quilt

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