Saturday, 12 May 2012

5/5/12 The Voice

I woke up today, the start of a Bank Holiday weekend in a cold sweat and mad panic. How exactly would I formulate my latest Open University assignment? Obviously I would need to use my course books for the theories and evidence to support my arguments (wafflings) but I would also like to find my own examples to include.

Hmmmm, I spent a most unproductive day writing nothing!

Deciding that today was really a bit of a lost cause and realising that I still was not feeling very well from my cold (violins please) I decided to snuggle down for a relaxing evening on the sofa watching The Voice.

Suddenly, it struck me! "Aha!" I shouted, sitting bolt upright and grabbing at pen and post it notes, making Bubbles raise her head questioningly from her position on the back of the settee

My other half jump out of his skin, spilling his drink. He looked at me, eyebrows also raised questioningly. "Will.I.Am" I announced. "He's my inspiration!"

My other half looked even more confused at THAT wild statement but in fairness, both he and Bubbles are quite used to my bizarre announcements! They both proceeded to continue watching TV; ignoring my under-breath mutterings as I fervently scribbled away on my post it note. I had suddenly thought of an example for my essay involving the U.S. rapper, as I watched him on The Voice!

Satisfied with my sudden brainwave I was now able to sit back, relax and enjoy the programme....

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