Sunday, 27 May 2012

24/5/12 Readers' Cats Part 1

I thought today I would share a few pictures of some of my Blog readers' cats.  Bubbles has been staring in a rather interested manner at the computer screen, hoping to become feline friends! She definitely agrees with the idea of inviting readers to share pictures of their cats.

So thank you to Frances for the first picture of her cat Ruby who has chosen to chill out in.... a rabbit hutch! Not an empty one mind you, but one housing her two rabbit friends!


  1. I know cat's will sleep anywhere, but I do love the idea of one sharing a rabbit hutch! :)
    Our first cat when my daughter was young, used to sleep in the barn with all my daughter's pet rabbits, so I guess it's more common than we thought it was :)
    Bubbles looks gorgeous from what I can see, by the way :)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment about Bubbles :-)

    I have to admit I was astonished to see a cat chilling out with a pair of rabbits. Wasn't sure they'd be ideal company incase they got a bit nippy with their large teeth! :-) Obviously Ruby looks really chilled out about the whole things and the three of them must be firm friends!

    My friend's cat Jess really loved her late guinea pig Stanley. I think Jess thought he was a kitten as she used to sit next to him and lick him. Her other cat Dillon had to be kept an eye on around Stanley though, as he did try to give him the odd whack with a swift swipe of the paw. Stanley was not to be intimidated though; he used to charge up to Dillon gnashing his teeth at him if Dillon had tried to whack him! :-)