Friday, 4 May 2012

1/5/12 A Winter's May

Hmmmm, this time last year I was in the sea! Yes, really. On 1st May last year I was happily body boarding in the surf at Porth Ceiriad, North Wales, whilst my other half basked in the sunshine on the beach. It was really glorious weather. This year, however, 1st May has been more like a winter's day with freezing cold rain, wind and generally miserable weather.

I received a complete soaking including my jumper somehow becoming wet through my usually excellently waterproof cagoule. Not impressed.
Bubbles, however, couldn't really care less what the weather does. She is far too interested in her current wardrobe explorations, which seem to be her absolutely favourite hobby at the moment. (Even more favourite than her usual game of jumping out at my legs trying to trip me up!)

I know she has been up to mischief on the wardrobe again because there is EVIDENCE! Apart from the telltale loud "thud" I hear as she leaps off, I also discovered my hairdryer and a pile of clothes, knocked onto the floor.... with a very guilty looking cat sitting on the floor looking at my hairdryer and then at me in a most apologetic manner!

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