Monday, 30 April 2012

30/4/12 A Crude Awakening

I was woken up this morning at 6.00 a.m by the sound of scrabbling and a sudden loud thud. Sitting bolt upright I jammed on my glasses and peered across the room. My inquisitive cat had been exploring on top of the TV again.... but this time had made the giant leap right onto the top of the wardrobe!

"Bubbles!" I said in surprise. I hadn't realised she could actually get onto the wardrobe! But then, knowing her determination, I should have guessed that once she has the idea to do something, she will find a way, as she is  a very determined little cat indeed!

So, of course, "what goes up must come down" (in the very wise words of Winnie the Pooh and friends in the Hundred Acre Wood) so I clambered out of bed to offer some assistance.

Bubbles was, of course, in no hurry to come down - having just got up there! She wagged her tail, blowing a pile of dust and fluff into my face, then proceeded to eat large pieces of dust fluff. Mortified at the dusty state of the wardrobe I rushed for a duster and dusted around the rather large furry ornament, who was watching me with great interest.

Now I am not tall and the wardrobe is very high so I was not quite sure how to approach the situation. Bubbles had a good sniff round and checked out her tub of treats (stupidly still left up there by me!) I whisked the treat tub off into a cupboard and grabbed the washing basket. Now this may seem a funny thing to do but I know Bubbles absolutely loves riding round in this! She often leaps into it, waiting for me to lift the box up high and carry her around the house! She must feel like she is flying and gets a good view through the slatted sides, also adding to the fun!

So, at 6.00 a.m I was standing, now wide awake with the washing basket held high above my head, for rather longer than was actually comfortable. Bubbles, of course, eyed this up with interest and popped a paw in. "Oh yessss!" I thought to myself. Bubbles then promptly removed her paw and touched my hand in an interested kind of way as if to say "What you doin?" I stood for probably about ten minutes. Realising my arms were then about to drop off I abandoned the washing basket, stood on tiptoes and quick as a flash grabbed the cat before she could realise what I was up to. I yanked her forwards and plopped her down onto the bed in a rather unceremonious fashion. I received a very disapproving glance as Bubbles haughtily left the room, to preen herself carefully on the landing.

Quickly I jumped back into bed but was by this time wide awake. Suddenly.... a gentle thud on the quilt, a friendly furry face and a warm "Miaow!" Bubbles jumped up on the bed, snuggled down, curled up tightly and fell fast asleep. Her early morning adventures must have been exhausting!

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