Thursday, 26 April 2012

26/4/12 Inspection

Today was our annual gas boiler check which involved a workman visiting the house to carry out the inspections. This, in itself caused great excitement for Bubbles! Bubbles loves workmen because workmen mean a whole array of exciting smells, noises and.... A toolbox!

Now, being a rather nosy cat, Bubbles loves to delve into toolboxes which hold all manner of strange, shiny, funny smelling objects that rattle and clank whenever they are picked up. Being also a very helpful cat on these matters, Bubbles likes to ensure she is able to inspect and supervise the selection and use of tools from the toolbox!
On the arrival of the workman, as quick as a flash, chief inspector Bubbles was on the case; checking out, sniffing and generally lurking around the tool box! Soon, the tools were in use, performing the task of removing the boiler cover, which was then placed on the kitchen floor! Bubbles raced out of the kitchen at the sight of the giant metal fiend being taken from the wall! She peered nervously through the bannister. Realising the enemy was unmoving, she felt braver, thrusting her head right through the bannister posts so she could continue to supervise from the distant safety of the stairs!


  1. That famous saying about the curiosity of the cat comes to mind reading this - along with a soppy grin at my sleeping Kushka, of course!

    I don't think I could ever express the fascination I have with cats, but I always enjoy reading other fond cat owner's tales of their furry friends, and I had a giggle with this one! :)

  2. Hi Kat, Thanks so much for your comments. I am really glad my blog has made you giggle! Bubbles is such a cheeky monkey; her antics often make me giggle!

    What sort of cat is Kushka? That's a really nice, unusual name :-)