Friday, 13 April 2012

13/4/12 The Spider

I emerged from the bathroom last night to find Bubbles sitting bolt upright on the bannister post miaowing and staring up at the ceiling. “Oh, you can see the sunlight making funny shadows on the wall” I said stopping to stroke her. “Miaow” Bubbles said, looking at the ceiling. “MIAOW!” She wagged her tail furiously.

“Silly!” I said and went off… A few moments later I was back with my glasses on to get something out of the airing cupboard. But what did I see dangling above it? An enormous evil arachnid; loitering with intent!

I made a kind of choking sound and froze. “You are a CLEVER girl!” I said apologetically to Bubbles who had obviously noticed and had been spending the last ten minutes trying to tell me! Hmmmm what to do about the spider? I wondered. Well I couldn’t just leave it incase it somehow got into my bed or deliberately landed on me as I walked past. So I launched a missile attack – of Bubbles’ toy mice to try to dislodge it. Bubbles loved this new game of pouncing round collecting all her toys up, as I missed the spider every time!

Luckily my other half (who is a bit braver about spiders than me) arrived home to rescue me. Bubbles was soon having a lovely dance trying to capture the spider which legged it across the carpet and out of sight!

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