Sunday, 22 April 2012

22/4/12 On TV

Today, Bubbles has mostly been.... On TV! Yes, quite literally standing on top of it! I had no idea why, other than the suspicion that she was practicing walking the trapeze ready for an audition for Cirque du Soleil, her little toes gripping the top of the TV so tightly as she balanced precariously walking back and forth!

However, it suddenly occurred to me, given the shifty, excited glances up to the top of the wardrobe, that Bubbles had a sneaky motive for her new balancing act. She had spotted the treat tub on top of the wardrobe and was planning her mission to dislodge them with a Zebedee style upward leap and a swift swipe of her paw.

Knowing her previous success at sneaky treat manoeuvres (an incident involving me multitasking unsuccessfully) when I was holding too many things at once and ended up dropping a full tub of Whiskas Chicken and Cheese treats on the floor; lid off!

Bubbles' eyes were like dinner plates as she dived forward to devour as many as possible before I spoilt all her fun by picking them up!

I wonder if any readers have any funny or amusing stories about their cats' sneaky attempts to steal treats? If so, please post in the comments section for us to share. I bet there are many entertaining tails to tell....

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