Friday, 20 April 2012

20/4/12 Scratching Post: Part 1

Today, we have been on a mission.... to buy Bubbles a new scratching post. Her old one has completely frayed around the top and the rope is all unravelling. The trouble is, we can't seem to find a suitable new one.

I mean, seriously, how hard can buying a scratching post actually be?

But there are considerations to take into account. Considerations I hadn't considered but which Bubbles informs me are VERY important....

For instance:

Does it have a platform on the top to sit on? This, apparently, is very important as it allows optimum surveillance of a room.

Is the post tall enough for a very long upward stretch to be carried out with front legs, paws and claws fully extended? It appears that size does indeed matter, as too short and no stretching can successfully be performed.

Is there a ball, or other suitable amusement device attached for entertainment of the swiping variety?

Is the rope or twine of a suitable thickness to ensure no fraying, flaking or ripping will occur?

Does it have a dangerously sharp cornered base? (A human concern for the issue of stubbed toes)

Does it smell nice? (Does it smell nice???? I mean, really! I draw the line at actually sniffing scratching posts in the pet store!)

So we returned, empty handed. Mission unaccomplished. The posts were either too short, too unplatformy, too toe stubby, to unswipey or too, too, too, too EXPENSIVE! So.... mission definitely unaccomplished for now!


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  1. What sort of scratching posts do readers cats have??? Your comments are most welcome :-)