Sunday, 15 April 2012

15/4/12 Wobbling Heights

Never mind Wuthering Heights, today it's certainly been a case of "Wobbling Heights!" I foolishly decided to attempt the mammoth task of sorting out the airing cupboard (after, I'm ashamed to say, weeks of just shoving piles of clothes in).

Well, the thing is, they are all quite carefully, if not precariously, folded and stacked in neat but really rather rickety piles on the first shelf, leading up like a sort of higgledy - piggledy haystack to the shelf right at the top of the cupboard!

The other reason I consider attempting to sort this mass of clothes out as "foolish" is because I know full well that a certain someone (with whiskers and a furry tail) LOVES to leap into the airing cupboard and enjoy a bit of a cat nap, luxuriating on my clean washing.

So more fool me when I carelessly left the cupboard door open. My back was only turned for one second when there was a hurried scrabbling sound as Bubbles saw her chance and scrambled onto the bannister, a hasty "Miaow!" then a small, black furball vaulted through the air to land purrfectly on top of my clean, white towels....

I hadn't the heart (or the height) to reach in and retrieve her, so she spent a lovely half hour napping on my washing!

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