Monday, 30 April 2012

28/4/12 Helpful Cat

Today, Bubbles was in an extremely helpful mood.... or not as the case may be!

I was feeling particularly tired and not really "with it" this morning, tramping around the bedroom making the bed in a half asleep state. Bubbles, however, was in a very excitable, lively mood and decided to play a game with me. The only problem being that she forgot to inform ME of this! So there I was, tripping around the room with BARE LEGS, when a fiendish black bullet shot out from under the bed, gave me a quick slap and darted into a different room before I really knew what was happening! "Bubbles!" I remonstrated crossly, inspecting my leg for blood then continuing with the bed making.

Suddenly, just as I was lifting up the quilt cover, a little black cat raced out from underneath it! Obviously she has the gift of stealth as she had crept back into the room, unbeknown to me, ready to lie in wait to surprise me! She raced out from under the quilt cover, right in front of me, tripping me up. I fell forwards half grabbing at the bed, landing in a rather ungainly position. I couldn't help laughing!

Later.... with the bed finally made and the washing hung beautifully on the clothes horse I gasped in horror as I discovered the quilt half hanging off the bed with large mounds sticking up where SOMEONE had been tunneling and my perfectly hung washing all askew with socks dangling off, a t-shirt on the floor and a rather cheeky cat's face peering out from amongst the remaining clothes. "Cheeky!" I said, giving her fur a ruffle to match my ruffled laundry! "Oh well...." I said, realising my tidying was in vain. "Might as well have a cup of tea!"

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