Monday, 30 April 2012

29/4/12 Wind & Rain

Today it has absolutely bucketed down, with the wind howling a terrible gale and whistling / shrieking through all the door and window seals. I had to make a mad dash out briefly; well wrapped up in my cagoule.

Bubbles was unimpressed at the weather; swishing her tail from her high vantage point on top of her activity centre. Here she could clearly see the rain beating on the windows and feel the wind whistling through the cracks. The odd wistful "Miaow" alerted me to the fact that she would love to go out to play but we both knew that she would not, in reality, actually want to set foot (or paw) outside the back door.

We both hope that the end of April also means the end of the supposed April showers. Hopefully May will bring some sunshine!

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