Wednesday, 18 April 2012

18/4/12 Rain Rain Go Away

"Rain rain go away, come again another day" I found myself singing as I looked out of the window again this morning to find buckets of the stuff tipping down from the sky. I know it is the season for April showers but I hadn't realised it was flood season also!

Digging my waterproof jacket out to brave the downpour I ventured outside. "No cats playing out in any gardens today" I thought. My own had been enjoying watching the rain from the dry safety of the windowsill.

Bubbles' only liquid encounter today was in the form of a bowl of fresh water, which, incidentally did nearly end up on her head! (Well it's what happens when I foolishly try to balance a rather full bowl of water all the way across the room, then carefully set it onto the floor whilst a furry head nudges my arm in appreciation!)

While out and about on my travels I was, however, surprised and delighted to see an urban blackbird bathing in a puddle; pecking and splashing its head into the water for all it was worth and generally having a wonderful time. The rest of the population; both animal and human seemed to be either hiding indoors or wrapped up in waterproofs, brollies rammed down over their heads doing the kind of mad, head-down shuffling powerwalk charge that only a torrential downpour can create!

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