Monday, 16 April 2012

16/4/12 Visitors

Glancing out of the window this evening, a bushy tail cascading down the garden fence caught my attention. On closer inspection (involving Bubbles and I at the window, being nosy neighbours) we realised there was not one, but two visitors! A brown, bushy tailed Norwegian Forest Cat climbing down the fence and a rather large ginger cat which was standing in OUR garden, spraying liberally into the fir trees.

Bubbles stiffened, glaring out of the window in disgust! I banged on the glass. The ginger cat stopped in its tracks, looked at me, sat down and started miaowing. It took a few paces forward, sat again and miaowed again.

Bubbles looked very unimpressed at this show and paraded angrily along the windowsill. The ginger cat miaowed again, then turned on its tail and nimbly disappeared into the fir trees.

Meanwhile.... the Norwegian could be seen disappearing over the garden fence with a flick of its tail. Up and over, up and over it went, scaling the rows of garden fences like an Olympic hurdler!
Bubbles looked carefully out of the window. The garden was restored to normal. A bird flew down to land on the fence then fluttered prettily onto the grass. Bubbles swished her tail in excitement!

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