Thursday, 19 April 2012

19/4/12 Cat Napping

Sleep! It's what I crave but just don't seem to get enough of. Someone else, however, seems to be relishing the terrible weather we are having and is making the most of cosying up indoors (with the heating still on I might add) having a lovely sleep wherever and whenever the mood takes her!

Today, for example, I nearly tripped as I came up onto the landing, as a sprawling feline was relaxing right in the middle of the floor. The windowsill, the spare room chair and under the bed all seem to be popular places for a cat nap but.... The favourite is still in my side of the bed!

A little poem comes to mind:

Sleeping on the windowsill,
Sleeping on the floor.
Sleeping in your basket,
Sleeping by the door.
Sleeping by the radiator all snug and warm,
Warming up my bed with your furry form!
But of course at midnight, it's a different matter altogether!...

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