Monday, 31 December 2012

31/12/12 December: New Year's Eve

This December has been mild and rainy (like most of the year!) It does somehow feel as though many of the seasons have been rolled into one this year with the weather being so unpredictable. I would definitely say that the UK has had a rather wet climate in 2012!

We have had a nice, restful, relaxing Christmas with my Mum staying with us. Bubbles has received lots of exciting cat presents (thank you to the friends who sent them.) She is very good about the Christmas decorations and has only fiddled with the Christmas tree once (we caught her sitting up on the table next to it, very quietly, gently patting the baubles on the lowest branch!) She has mainly been fascinated by the tinsel which glitters beautifully in reds and golds around the lounge.

I sincerely hope all my readers have enjoyed reading my Blog so far! I aim to try to update more regularly as one of my New Year's resolutions for 2013!

I really hope 2012 has been happy for everybody. Today I have been reflecting on the past year and feel grateful to have had a wonderful year with some lovely holidays spent with loved ones, happy events and some achievements I feel very proud of.

I hope 2013 is a happy and prosperous year for myself, my family and all my readers and wish you all a very "Happy New Year"


 We had the most fantastic mini break to the Lake District this November; visiting a little place called Haverigg, near Millom. The B&B we stayed in was BEEOOTIFUL, with luxurious bathroom fittings, a super comfy bed and THE most delicious breakfast. To top it all off, while we ate our breakfast in the dining room, garden birds were eating at the bird feeder right outside the window!

We knew Bubbles would love to visit such a place, with abundant wildlife to stare at through the window (as well as an amazingly comfy bed & window ledge to curl up on!)

I wonder if any readers know of any cat friendly B&B's or holiday rental places? If so, do please leave a comment, as it would be lovely to be able to take our furry friend on holiday with us, rather than always shipping her off to the cattery. I know she would prefer it!

Arriving at the cattery, Bubbles did her usual trick of hiding under her bed & pushing it along the floor, just so we would feel guilty for taking her to such a fearsome, horrible place. (The cattery is actually very nice! The owners always do their best to make her feel at home, playing with her toys & brushing her.) Then as we got ready to drive off in the car a little face appeared at the mesh doorframe looking so sad and folorn we IMMEDIATELY felt like the worst owners in the world!

Realising Bubbles was actually perfectly alright at the cattery, we got on with the business of enjoying our holiday in the Lake District, where we visited Silecroft Beach and were quite awestruck at the enormous waves, created no doubt from the tail end of Hurricane Sandy which a few days earlier had hit New York.


October was a busy month; getting to grips with new courses, new workload etc. But it was also a very exciting, very proud month for me because October was the month I graduated from the Open University!

I attended a graduation ceremony in Manchester and was so proud to finally get up on stage and receive my handshake, watched by my Mum, my other half and my Aunty and Uncle who had driven a LOOOOONG way just to come to see me graduate.

My Mum bought me one of those cool, funky helium balloons that float around the room to celebrate my graduation. Needless to say, Bubbles was HIGHLY unimpressed, eyeing it suspiciously every time she ventured into the lounge - just in case it chose to suddenly leap out from the corner where it innocently bobbed around next to the settee and attempt to lunge across the room at her. Of course, whenever it was time for her treats, Bubbles forgot all about her balloon fear and leapt up onto my knee to delightedly receive her treats whilst purring and completely ignoring the bobbing balloon!