Tuesday, 24 April 2012

23/4/12 Late!

To my readers... I am sorry for the lateness of yesterday's blog update! Yesterday, was exam day, involving me taking a two hour journey, sitting a three hour exam, then making the two hour journey home again. On my return home I was fit for nothing but bed!

My tiredness was possibly not helped by the fact that, at 5.30 a.m Bubbles decided to play a very noisy new game involving entering the wardrobe! Goodness knows why the fascination with the wardrobe at that hour? But I'm afraid I resorted to pure, unashamed blackmail to retrieve my cheeky pussy cat, who came bounding out greedily at the sound of her"chicken and cheese" treats being shaken! I, on the other hand, stood grumbling, whilst refolding clothes at a VERY unsociable hour!

Later.... on my return from the exam I was greeted by a Basil Brush style tail, twitchy ears and a daft look as Bubbles weaved in and out of the bannister posts and performed forward rolls on the carpet! How could I ever have been cross with her at 5.30 a.m, when my homecoming was celebrated with such a lovely greeting!   

Just a quick note to my fellow exam takers (you know who you are) I hope it went well!

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