Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17/4/12 Lazy Cat

Well the weather hasn't exactly been inspirational today. Howling wind and rain all last night then this morning dawned as dark as an eclipse. I really struggled to get out of bed at 7 a.m but not as much as Bubbles, who slept through all my alarms (and I do need the equivalent of a brass band playing down my ear to rouse MY sleepy head!) I was watched by a half open eye from the bottom of the bed while I opened the curtains to let in the daylight that was lurking secretively behind the rain clouds. Bubbles seemed to think it was still the middle of the night so promptly went back to sleep! I went off to get ready for my day and returned a while later to find a slumbering cat, who was in absolutely no hurry to begin hers! I'm afraid a crude awakening was delivered in the form of the quilt being thrown over the top of her. A sleepy head emerged from the folds of quilt and bounded off the bed! Later.... Revenge! I discovered a furry feline napping, right on MY bit of the bed!

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