Saturday, 21 April 2012

21/4/12 The Dandelion

I am smelling a dandelion.
I smell it because I like it.
People say dandelions don't smell good.
I say they do.
Come, smell a dandelion with me.

Gallico, P. (1973) Honourable Cat, London, William Heinemann Ltd., p. 68

Bubbles has really enjoyed going outside today to eat grass and sniff dandelions in the garden. She was soooooooo excited to be going out after days of rain had confined her indoors.

The April showers were kinder today and afforded us a glimpse of blue sky (for all of five minutes!) However, later.... the heavens reopened and the rain came down. TORRENTIAL!

Bubbles was paying no attention to this for she had spied me at the washing machine. She miaowed excitedly at the sight of me armed with the wet washing basket (to be hung on the clothes horse not the washing line) and rushed to the back door miaowing "Pleeeeze let me out! Miaowwww!" I hadn't the heart to refuse her so opened the door in order for her to decide for herself that the garden was out of bounds!

"Hmmmm" she pondered sniffing the wet air and sticking her head out slightly. She turned round, looked at me then came back into the room. I closed the door and she immediately rushed back to it, nose pressed against the crack. "Ok you can look again!" I crooned, opening it wide. She stuck her head out once more, looked around, then withdrew her head, gave me a courteous look which plainly said "No thanks, not today!" then disappeared upstairs for a well earned rest!

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