Monday, 30 April 2012

27/4/12 Swallows & Amazons Forever!

Wow! What a fantastic night. My Mum and I have been to the theatre to see the stage production of Swallows and Amazons. The show was a wonderfully accurate portrayal of the Arthur Ransome book; which has been a firm favourite of mine since childhood.

Many a day of my youth did I spend in the back garden pretending to be camping out on Wildcat Island - in my parents' ancient white canvas tent, imagining that my skateboard was the good ship Swallow (but don't tell anyone 'cos now I'm a grown up!)


The characters were portrayed with stunning accuracy in the show and their personalities really shone through. Let's just say that the whole performance really took me back to my childhood; as I arrived home wanting to "be" an Amazon pirate!

Bubbles has decided she would make an outstanding ship's cat. She could keep lookout in the bow of the ship; earning her keep by catching fish with her paws for our supper.  The only foreseeable problem with my pirate plan, however, is that camping could be a bit of an issue because Bubbles is scared of our tent!

Now I realise this is a rather unusual fear but Bubbles, however, believes the tent is truly terrifying! On a test run of our modern tent in the garden one summer, Bubbles was most disturbed by the mountainous imposter looming in the garden. She did NOT like the flapping sound it made or the new plasticy smell it gave off and decided this was some sort of hideous creature to be avoided at all costs (resulting in a VERY big tail; all puffed up in fierce defiance of the garden monster!) Needless to say she was not allowed to peruse inside the tent unsupervised, in case a pair of sharp claws decided to shred the fabric. Not that she wanted to go anywhere near it; legging it back into the house where she could stare out of the window at it from a very safe distance.

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