Saturday, 14 April 2012

14/4/12 Swimming? I Think Not!

Bubbles was absolutely horrified to find me watching this short video. I have been warned (in cat language of course) that if I get any such RIDICULOUS ideas there will be severe and serious consequences. I didn’t dare ask what these consequences would be but could easily envisage a great deal of hissing and a good slap from a set of nicely sharpened claws.

Of course I would not be so stupid as to send my cat swimming and was quite shocked to watch this video myself. Apart from the obvious danger of drowning, the cat could easily have been swept out to sea.

I have reassured Bubbles that she must not worry as her only contact with water will most definitely be of the drinking bowl variety and on her terms such as when she is in the mood to sit flicking water from the tap… or lounge around in the empty bath!

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