Thursday, 26 April 2012

25/4/12 The Vets

This morning, Bubbles lip did seem more swollen so, although she seems fine in herself, I decided to take her to the vets to get her lip examined. Now, we all know that animals are often not very "keen" on visits to the vets but Bubbles seems to take this unkeenness to a whole, wild, new level.  She transforms from a calm, placid, relaxed, gentle creature to a wild animal kicking, scratching, hissing and trying to bite. It is most unpleasant for all concerned, especially I am sure, her.

It is a two person operation to capture and insert her into the travel cat carrier as she manages to splay arms and legs out as wide as possible to make sure we have a near impossible task to fit her through the opening. Yesterday's procedures involved me receiving a slashed hand and banging my head on the wall in my effort to get her in the carrier!

At the vets she was most unhappy to receive an injection and glared at the vet ominously when he dared to look at her, hissing just to make sure we could all see her very sharp, pointed teeth! Injection complete, she was bundled back into the box, lid securely fastened and off we went!

On our journey home we could feel the tension lift as Bubbles reverted back to her laid back, happy self, enjoying a mad game of charging round the house "Miaowing" as loud as she could, as soon as we got home!

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