Saturday, 19 May 2012

18/5/12 The Ladybird

Today has been better weather so Bubbles and I ventured out into the garden to hang out the washing for the first time this week!

Bubbles proceeded to ignore my attempts to play games with her; focusing instead on consuming as much grass as possible. "What you doing?" I said, gently bending to stroke her. Just then I noticed a small, red ladybird climbing a tall stem of grass right next to Bubbles' face. Chomp! The ladybird vanished.

"You've eaten it!" I cried in horror. Bubbles looked at me then continued munching grass. I was unconvinced that the ladybird had indeed been devoured, as a more careful inspection revealed the tall blade of grass was still standing. "Hmmmm, how could she have eaten the ladybird but not the actual grass?" I wondered to myself rummaging about in the roots of the long grass. Aware that any watching neighbours would think I had entirely lost the plot, rummaging about pulling at the grass, I was undeterred, determined to discover the fate of the ladybird.

"There is is" I announced at last, spying it moving around under tufts of grass. I carefully picked it up and let it fly safely away, under the watchful gaze of Bubbles, who clearly also thought I had gone mad!

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