Saturday, 12 May 2012

11/5/12 Yuk!

This morning did not begin well.... I poured out my cornflakes and milk, took one mouthful and nearly vomited. It tasted DIS-GUST-ING!

"Yuk! What is wrong with that?" I muttered to myself, making my way back to the fridge to inspect the milk. It had gone out of date on the 7th May. Now I'm not great at maths and it was quite early in the morning but even I could work out that the milk must have been off for several days. No wonder my cups of tea had been tasting funny!

Stupidly I sniffed the milk to check it really was off. The inadvertent gagging noise I made confirmed my suspicions! The milk went down the sink and I went to the cupboard, which, unfortunately was bare! Tutting I reached up into the fruit bowl. Empty! I checked the bread bin. No bread left. There were a few manky rolls so I decided to go all continental and have a bread roll for breakfast. Usually, continental breakfasts consist of such delights as croissants, jams, all sorts of lovely meats and cakes - but for me an old bread roll with a bit of butter would have to do! But now posed the question - what to drink? I know plenty of people who start the day on a glass of water, or some fruit juice or Ribena, but for me, nothing quite does it like a delicious, refreshing hot cup of tea!
Grumbling at the lack of milk I decided I would have to have green tea instead.... A nice refreshing drink but NOT first thing in the morning. To cool it a bit I sloshed in some cold water and took a sip! Gagging again, this followed the milk down the plug hole. Cold green tea was really not a good start to the day - tasting more like cold Lemsip.

Shuddering from the foul taste, I fed Bubbles who was lurking impatiently in the kitchen, dropping subtle hints that she was ready for breakfast, by climbing onto her cat food shelf. This appeared to be the only well stocked part of the kitchen! Cat feeding accomplished, I rushed upstairs, dressed quickly and raced to the shops for provisions....

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